The Narrow Path To Eternal Life

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There are only two paths in life, one is narrow and one is broad. The narrow path is treacherous, but it’s the only path that leads to eternal life.


I know Both of those paths. I travel both, I am trying to stay on that narrow one, but the broad one is so much easier. At least I get to decide each morning which one to re-start on, until there is no next morning…
God Bless us all…


One foot in front of the other.

You got this.


The broad road is a form of laziness. It is easier to go along with the family Easter celebration, the woke nonsense, to be a member of a group. The spotlight isn’t on you.

This is why inclusiveness is so important to the world. Few want the spotlight and feel accepted. The world is their safety net. Most people who stand for anything need the group to assure their way of thinking is correct. They really don’t know of care to know.

highway to hell and a stairway to heaven. I’ve heard that quipped. referring to two different rock songs. Ironically it is very accurate.