The move and groove

I wasn’t kidnapped, I am doing the final move. Living with no furniture or plates. Will be back with everyone in 2 weeks.

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Prayers for a safe completion in your big move! And living with no furniture or plates…what an adventure!

My wife just asked, have you heard from Snowflakes? I said, I think he’s still moving. Sure enough!

You should have done that last year when we were out that way. You would have had five extra pairs of hands free of charge! :palms_up_together::smile:

4 clapping and one pointing the way? :laughing:


That’s funny. like a guy once said to me, 'let me know if you need anything son, 'and I will tell you how to get by without it!

Anyone know where I can purchase a Florida to NC language translation book?

Wez be findin dee words different. :joy:


Other than the language barrier I hope everything else is going well!

I don’t know about that dialect, but I tell you what brother. We were cruising through Tennessee a year or so back. We were way back in the woods. We see a dog running down the road and thought, he’s gonna get run over!

In the other lane a guy stopped in the middle of it and I rolled down my window. Holy smokes, his accent was deep, rich and so much more. I can always tell what everyone is saying, but this chaps words took some time to process! :grin:

Hope you’re having fun sNOwflakes!

Things are good. Still trying to find things in boxes that I should have marked better. Broke ground on the new home last week, now the fun starts.

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