The Minstrel Boy

Thank you Cozar. I needed a good cry this morning. Made me think of my barber that cut my hair for years. Super guy, I always looked forward to haircuts just to visit with him. I went in one day after seeing Pvt. Ryan. and I brought it up in conversation saying, 'imagine those young men approaching the beach knowing they would probably be killed when the ramp fell down. He was quiet for a minute or two before he said in his calm soft voice, 'He said Kev, most of the those kids were dead before the we hit the beach, the angle of the machine guns on the hill allowed them to shoot into the landing craft long before we hit the beach. The ones who made it to the beach had to climb over the bodies to get to the ramp with the bullets still raining down. He was a landing craft driver. And then he went back to cutting hair and was very quiet. I sensed that the conversation was over. I learned later from another barber that Bill received the bronze star and medal of honor. The other barber was surprised that Bill had told me that story and that he never talks about it. What he knew about Bills service was told to him by Bills son.

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May they all be at peace with Jesus.