The latest doom out of California

There’s always doom. The doomers are never content, look at this,

A staggering 48.33 feet of snow has fallen so far this winter at the Central Sierra Snow Lab near Donner Pass in California. Through the end of February, the recorded snowfall was unprecedented. The Sierra Nevada now has a snowpack that is 186 to 269 percent of normal.


How many articles did they write last year telling us about record low snow pack for California? How many articles did they write about no water or it running out?

Now they get a massive blessing and it’s a bad thing. There’s never ever any good news with doomers. It’s always bad, the outlook is always dark. Go outside and have fun, the sky hasn’t fallen and the sun is still shining! :sunny:

HaHa, I remember in the mid eighties I became stranded in mid New Mexico. A massive snow storm closed interstate 40 from 40 mi. west of Tucumcari all the way to Amarillo. Cars and trucks were lined up in the east bound lanes for 3 days. when cars would run out of gas the occupants were invited into the trucks to stay warm, The men hung blankets between the truck trailers with bungie cords so the ladies could relieve themselves. My truck and several others were hauling groceries, and shared them with the stranded families. My point is that it barely made a blip on the news. It wasn’t a ‘devastating catastrophe’ it wasn’t a ‘Crisis’ Once the people realized the situation everyone came together and did what was necessary.

These liberals are like 2 out of the 3 porridge-bowls.

It’s always too wet, dry, cold, hot. It’s never just right.

This summer the snow will melt, then the mud slides, then the global warming crap will start.

John Kerry needs to visit and look for yellow snow.

Kerry would have to first stop his “self colonoscopy” before he plunges his head where the “huskies go”.