The key to a good life...

According to a Harvard study, good relationships are the key to health and happiness. They say, the trick is to nurture those relationships. I didn’t expect God to be included in a study, but don’t forget about Him. Without Him, we are lost.

So what do you think is the key to a good life?

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We don’t always put our relationships first. Consider the fact that the average American in 2018 spent 11 hours every day on solitary activities such as watching television and listening to the radio. Spending 58 days over 29 years with a friend is infinitesimal compared with the 4,851 days that Americans will spend interacting with media during that same time period. Distractions are hard to avoid.

I think the key to a good life is having a dog…

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Oh man, talk about worldly topic with infinite variables and arguments! I don’t know if one could get past, define “good.”

This all depends on the lens you’re looking through --God or World? Which by the statement alone reflects self-ambition and focuses on me/world.
Ironically, they focus on relationships, but God seems to be the most ignored or neglected of all --but the only one that matters.

Good is elusive --God is forever!

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being content and at peace. Ever see a cow standing in lush green grass up to the knees and stretching their necks through the fence to eat stubble? A lot of people are no different.