The Jig is up eat cookies.

Still avoid the Oreos as they are made with “bio-engineered ingredients”

I buy the Vienna finger cookies they don’t have the bioengineered ingredient like most cookies now. I’ll have to stop eating those if they ever change up on me…lol

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I was always an Animal Crackers fan as a kid.
I think they ruined those now also. :innocent:

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Ohhh yeah same here…Yeap they ruined them also my friend lol earth sucks! :joy::joy:

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Cookies or pills :balance_scale: cookies or pills; hummmmmmm



Well it looks folks have been filling their Oreo RX’s. :rofl:

The ones on the left are regular strength.

The ones on the right are extra strength. Double stuffed. :joy:

This is hilarious!!! (In my Cookie Monster voice) me flesh want cookie!!

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