The insanity against Christianity

Bible verse on Pasco teacher’s parking spot draws controversy


Good grief. People are offended by everything these days. If it’s not BLM crying, it’s the Jews crying. Despite our nation’s fall, we don’t see Christians blubbering about their loss of rights.


I am late to reading this story.
I thought it comical as far as the word play that’s going on here to describe how a jewish woman is feeling attacked by a bible verse on a parking lot spot, and her last name has Gentiles spelled with in it. Her name is, Marina Gentilesco. No matter what you know of the meaning of jew or gentiles, it’s comical, or am I tapped? God in control for sure and He has sense of humor, and He Is the ultimate Word Master! lol :smiley:

I guess I always want to puke when I read stories about some mistreated person telling about how they are downtrodden because of their color, religion, etc. I’m always reminded of the note someone wrote on a truck stop wall. 'The helping hand you are looking for is at the end of of your arm ’ Wow, does that speak volumes about 'shut up!! you are not special, you are experiencing the results of your your own weakness. your own short comings. Shut up;!
so many have endured 7 x 7 what you have. just so tired of hearing about how ‘I was treated unfairly’ join the crowd. shut up! and get off of your good intentions and ‘make’ things happen for the better! It’s up to ‘you’. I would rather be dead than beg for anything. Granted if you are completely stupid, and unable to think with logic. we will have the compassion to spoon feed you, but pray that you die fairly soon. you are of no good or use to anyone and void of any assets whatever. you are a 100% liability.

Think this a lot. Everyone on this road claims to be a victim.

Especially the BLM’s. They seem to forget, historically, which side fought for their ancestor’s freedom.

Logically speaking, if their ancestors were not brought here, where would they be now?

Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Angola, Congo, Congo and Gabon. Where would you rather live?

Although, I hear these countries are lovely this time of year.

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