The Illegal Immigration Fiasco

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Record numbers of illegal immigrants continue to fill our cities. It’s like a plague that never ceases. For all intents and purposes, President Biden invited them with his lax border policy. In fact, his administration brought us the record numbers. However, with each passing Presidency, that’s always the case as the statistics show. No President…


Comment on your immigration article. It is simple to me. Close the border (finish the wall etc.). It is a mathematical impossibility to deport all the illegals in the US. I think a good working compromise would be 1. Grant any illegal that is contributing to the economy that DOES NOT have any criminal offenses permanent residency but because they came into the country illegally they do not have citizenship (cant vote, etc. , and can’t draw on social welfare). They must pay taxes and contribute to social security and would be eligable for SS upon retirement based on their contributions just like any other contributer. After a period of time IF they have been a lawfull resident, they can apply for full citizenship (maybe 10 years or so). Just my thoughts. God bless you and your family and thank you for helping spead God’s word, Stephen


Stephen, welcome to the forum sir!

It’s a fair assessment, and not an unreasonable conclusion. Thanks for sharing.

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as far as the wall goes, Trump only did 15 miles of new wall, the rest was replacements that was already installed. the border wall is just a hoax. we don’t need a wall, we need our laws ENFORCED!


I very respectfully dissagree. While your current assement of the construction to date sounds reasonable, there are many many more miles of wall construction materials already paid for lying on the ground gathering dust. I whole heartedly agree that laws need to be inforced but is just not physically feasable to patrol 100% of the border and trying to track down and expelling migrants that snuck across undetected is very costly and dangerous in many cases to both the illegals and law inforcement. Walls are not the end all solution but do significantly reduce easy entrance points. Walls also help block easy points of drug import. God bless you.


Our national problem is we have become too reliant on the government to solve our problems.

I was just talking about this very thing last night. People are so concerned about food shortages…So many of them (not all) that claim they don’t have enough food also don’t have a clue what starving is. People need to wake up and learn how to be self sufficient.

So, red state Governors are talking a big game, but they too facilitate illegal immigration in their own states without tipping off the public.

THAT is the critical point to point out! It’s all a game to them…a money game. Just like DeSantis sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard…I can just see the money rolling in for him with that one! And like you said - he is contributing to all.

Great article Brandon - I enjoyed every word and agree wholeheartedly!

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I agree with you in part. I still believe we need a wall in areas, especially to help ease the number of border agents that cannot monitor the entire border. But we, as a country, have not been enforcing the laws on any level…

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We sure haven’t.

For me, the concept of a wall is purely political. It changes the conversation from doing something about illegal immigration, to pining the blame on someone else for not building a wall. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have one. However, we have heard this argument for six years now, and meanwhile, Trump and Biden have allowed record illegal immigration.

It’s stringing along the American public for votes and their political donations, without having to take real meaningful action.

From my perspective, we have to understand the problem to begin with. The problem is, we do not enforce our borders. Anyone can come in and say, “I’m a refugee”.

  1. We need to stop that, yesterday.
  2. We need to cut off all welfare and healthcare to illegals.

When you cut off the free money, that will stop most illegals from coming here to begin with. They are coming in as they know they will be welcomed with open arms, their anchor baby will become a citizen, they will receive a free check, free medical, and even free college in some states.

Something else to think about, how many other nations on earth have a border wall with their neighbor? Does Russia, China, India, etc? I don’t think so. Instead, they enforce their laws, and I think that’s exactly what should be our concern. It’s far cheaper. Once we do that, then we can start talking about a border wall. Letting our focus be the wall only delays action we can take now, for free.


Again, a man of reason! Good points and I agree!!


“unwalled villages” comes to mind. We should protect our border just like any other individual protects what is theirs. A wall is cheaper than human resources. Are these folks bringing God with them, or a begging bag? Some effort is better than none…there is none now—on purpose. Its like a locust that eats up the very nature of the live plant.


Welcome aboard Stephen!

We live in a welfare/warfare state. Ron Paul has pointed that out for years and was considered and isolationist for saying those need to be eliminated by congress.

However we have witnessed many people in congress (who make the laws, break the laws and know the loopholes) do not want to stop it, because welfare and warfare makes them lots of money.

1 Timothy 6:10-12 King James Version

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.


Yes we do live in a welfare state. One strong memory I have of my childhood was after a fit I thru becase my parents wouldnt get me somthing (I honestly do not remember was that thing was) my mother sat me down and told me that I needed to understand that the world owed me nothing. I and only I was responsible for me. This country was founded on the principle that God gave us all the right to choose. The choice to succeed or fail in all things. The government should not be picking winners or loosers. We also should each have to choice to help our fellow men and women when they need a hand up but give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and they will feed themself forever.
The founding fathers stated in their writings many times a without God and following his word, the constitution and the system of goverment they established could not survive.
Thomas Jefferson also wrote shortly after the founding of our country that he gave it about 200 years before our leaders became so corrupt that the government would have to be overthrown and restarted (not that I am in anyway suggesting a violent revolution). I do belive we need to stand with God and Gods word, get a backbone and learn when to just say NO. We the people elect our leaders. We the people are responsible for letting them lead us away for God and his teachings. Sorry for rambling so.


I vehemently agree Brandon. However a think a physical barrier is helpfull more for slowing down things like drug smuggling, etc. It shurly is not not answer to immigration.
Along with your two excellent points, I would add enforcing serious consequences for employing illegal aliens. In general, we need not stop rewarding bad behavior.


Now we just heard Sec of State float the idea that the US and Mexico should merge…and Mexico pres includes merge the North and South continents together. "Inviting Joe "

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i think I’ve heard that floating around before. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of these times it just may happen…smh

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This is probably why they didn’t build the wall?

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It shows they invited them in…with “intent”. Reminds me of how humans would be if they were locust–soft bodied, not hard shelled mature grasshoppers…eating away at the very fiber (belief system). These folks are not bring God to us, but begging bags.

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[1Ki 8:41]

Moreover concerning a stranger, that is not of thy people Israel, but cometh out of a far country for thy name’s sake;

[1Ki 8:42]

(For they shall hear of thy great name, and of thy strong hand, and of thy stretched out arm;) when he shall come and pray toward this house;

It shouldn’t be a surprise that people want to come here to live in a blessed land. As Linda mentioned, why are they coming?

We are a peculiar people; we belong to God. They should see what HE represents and want to be in the family which is the whole purpose. (Although, they can be in the family where they are)

If they want to come here, pray toward this house, as the verse says, great. This means they are going to live their life as God intended, not as many who are of the 12 tribes and partake of the blessings and denounce their creator.

The stranger was to stay out of the camp, unless he converted and be circumcised. Today of the heart. There were no handouts, many were wood cutters to earn their keep.

Some say freedom of religion which is a false term. We are not a religion. We are to be free to worship the true God without the tyranny of government, not bring in all the idols and groves of the heathen.

This whole problem was created by the political realm, and I believe we are at a point of no return.


The government pushes the vaccine narrative yet they allow open borders with migrants who have health issues such as scabies. Check out this article: Cases of Scabies Reported Among Migrants From Texas Staying at Suburban Hotel – NBC Chicago

The borders should be closed. Period.


Welcome, Stephen, so glad you’ve joined the forum!