The hatred of Esau

We all know the Lord chose Jacob to carry on the seed line to Christ even though he was not the first born. We know it was a good discission looking at how history played out.

We are told in Malachi 1:3 and repeated in Romans 9:13 that God loved Jacob (Israel) and hated Esau. (Edom)

Did God really hate Esau before he was born or was it a Luke 14:26 statement? (To love less) Meaning to put first overall. Same thing applies in Matthew 10:37.

One of the boys had to be the seed line. It wasn’t Esau’s choice before he was born. Was this an example to us of the potter over the clay as told in Romans 9:21 to eliminate what we would call givens? The Pharaoh example was given earlier, as to purpose.

Was this discission really made due to the 1st age activities? If so, we all really didn’t come to the flesh age with equal standings, or did we? One could lean toward the thinking that God can see the future and thus He made this discission, but can He?

If He can’t, then a large amount of manipulation would have to be done on His part to fulfill things stated which would take away the free will of some of His children, right?

We know that He knows the heart but would an unborn have the thoughts of an adult as to throw away a birthright, marry a Hittite out of spite etc. and plan to kill his brother? Thus, having Him choose Jacob over Esau?


Well here I am again responding and not really having anything to offer at this point. This is all really thought provoking bc as I read it, I’m questioning what I believe and why I believe it. I really want to dig into this one.

Genesis 3:15 does come to mind. Enmity Strong’s H342 From H340; hostility: - enmity, hatred.
H340 A primitive root; to hate (as one of an opposite tribe or party); hence to be hostile: - be an enemy.

That’s as far as I got for right now…

I have to apologize, the Matthew 10:27 should have been 10:37. I corrected it.

μισέω miséō, mis-eh’-o; from a primary μῖσος mîsos (hatred); to detest (especially to persecute); by extension, to love less:—hate(-ful).

The above is from the word hate in Luke. We know we are not to hate our parents but to honor them. Christ then in Matthew says it in a different way, “love more than me”.

The same word is used in Romans 9:13. Would God truly hate someone before they were born?
Other examples are Gen 29:21, Deut 21:15 and Matt 6:24.

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So, I’m finally doing Romans. As I was reading chap 9, I remembered your post! (Yay me for remembering)

So this is what I got out of it. Jacob He loved, Esau He hated. I feel that this was how he chooses to use people for His will. Just as He hardened Pharoah, I believe He hardened Esau as well. So I agree, it would make sense that it would mean love less. Romans 9:18. He has mercy on both. It goes back to their hearts and their repentance. That is my take on it.

Another thing that came to my mind was the remnant. Would that be the remnants of the seed…seeing how the nationalities of people are so mixed today, that the remnants are not necessarily from a clean bloodline anymore? Maybe it was just me that was mixed up, but that word took on a different meaning than what I thought it was in the past.

Interesting…I just re-read your post and this popped out at me. If we look at it differently, as God chose Esau, His plan for Him worked out.