The Fall of Minneapolis

The police murdered George Floyd; I mean, I saw it with my own eyes. You saw it too, right?

If you are still under that impression, then you should watch this documentary. This is what started much of the madness across the country, and it is what can happen when the truth no longer matters.

The Fall of Minneapolis

The White House is just a building too. That scenario seemed to be handled different.

Wholeheartedly agree! My gut told me at the beginning that it was just to divide the people…and in turn shut down small businesses and take more freedom away from the people and so much more!

Can you imagine being the officers who now have their lives ruined.

Yep - truly disgusting. AND what happened as a result! So many small businesses are no longer. The Kenosha riots included so many businesses and even homes burned to the ground. And that was just in little ole Wisconsin.

If I am not mistaken, isn’t that the same pathologist, hired by Floyd’s family, that lied about the Kennedy autopsy? He said all the doctors at Parkland were wrong about what they saw and pushed the magic bullet theory.

I’m not sure about that sNOwflakes, but wouldn’t doubt it. Do you think Floyd’s family will have to return the 27 million dollars if these police officers win their cases on appeal? :laughing:

I was wondering if he was going to appeal. Makes you want to run for president so you could pardon him.

Good Documentary
The gov lies and is led by demonic forces

Stock up on guns and ammo so when the gov fails, you will not be left helpless and if you have to protect yourself, just know you are taking out satans children and God will judge them.