The Declaration Of North America

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Ten days ago, President Biden, Mexican President Obrador, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau met for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit. Yes, this ties right into the North American Union chatter I recently discussed. Unfortunately, the collusion is so widespread, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Here’s the briefing that was issued by…

Check out this story, they can’t stop the invasion of our country,the cartels, the human trafficking, the fentanyl, the list goes on and on.
However, they are going out of their way to stop the influx of EGGS.

Those egg smugglers are really a threat to the “homeland”.

I feel so much better now knowing the border is secure.

So once we merge with the Cartels, I mean Mexico and Canada we will all be singing Kum ba Yah.

in regards to the race baiting (against whites), it almost (or seems to) hints at Zechariah 1:19. Some say, Zech is focused on the last 7 years of this flesh time.

You know, the fact that we have uncontrolled immigration is classic ultra-rich policy. Illegals provide cheap labor for U.S. corporations.

Smuggled eggs are a problem, as it means some U.S. corporation is not selling more eggs. That’s lost revenue. It’s politicians protecting their donors. :pensive:

This really ties in.