The Conspiracy Of Reparations

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Disclaimer: If you’re easily offended and hate sarcasm, don’t read this article. It’s pretty clear, our culture is on the road to destruction. Some might say it’s lost, our southern border sure looks that way. There are tens of thousands running and swimming across. Especially since May 11th is approaching, that’s when Title 42 ends…


My mother emparted many bits of wisdom to me during her life but none served me any more than “always remember the world owes you nothing”, "if you don’t like the way something is going in your life get off your butt and change it, and “if you cant say anything good about anyone, don’t say anything at all”. I get so tired of people wining about how how every failure in their life is someone or something elses fault. I come from a very prejudice upbringing and my step father was an abusive alcoholic. I CHOOSE to treat and love everyone equally, not to drink (ok maybe a couple of beers and/or of glasses of wine per year) and wouldn’t even think of striking my wife (i have no children). I didn’t like experiencing any of this behavior myself so why would i perpetuate it on anyone else.
My father imigrated (legally by the way) from Italy in the 40’s and growing up in Illinois Italian’s were considered trash, made fun of, called racial slur names and relegated to low pay dirty jobs (mainly coal mining) yet you don’t hear them or any of the other similarly treated ethic groups (like the Chinese and the hispanics to name a few) screaming for reparations. We are all Americans and children of God. Lets strart acting like it, stop complaining and join together with Gods help and blessing to restore this country to “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for ALL”.


It never ends.

I heard talk the other day of good and bad credit scenario. Apparently if you have bad credit, since you were to lazy and stupid to make something of yourself, it isn’t your fault and it certainly isn’t fair.

So here is the solution.

Those with a bad credit score should pay a lower interest rate since they can’t afford the loan in the first place and even if they could, they are more likely to default.

Those with good credit, you know, the ones who save money, don’t spend foolishly, and pay their bills timely, should help out. The ones who work. Anyone with a good credit score should be charged a higher interest rate, since the loan is almost a guarantee to be paid back. This way the extra charge to the trustworthy people can be given to help offset the losses from the low life’s who think the world owes them everything.


It’s almost like it’s a socialist, communist government ruling over us.

Oh Brandon, 'thank you for being able to articulate the truth without getting out of the confines of political correctness and regulated speech, similar to passing through a cow pasture at night without stepping in it. Hopefully you find it comforting to know that contrary to state issued belief, most Americans acknowledge and are trying to figure out their next move or how to survive the seemingly hopeless future for those of us who were under the impression that if you work hard, save money, don’t borrow, do not live above your means, treat everyone the way that you desire to be treated and be respectful for others and expect them to reciprocate. Stand up for what is right and just and glaringly obvious. Well, 'sadly too many of us have been too busy earning our way that we are just now realizing that we’ve been robbed. Our country, our culture, our homes, our way of life and everything we have worked for is un der siege . Being confiscated and ‘given’ to the undeserving. I read a book in the 2nd or 3rd grade titled 'The little Red Hen. It was a very simple child’s book with a huge meaning that re enforced American culture, right and wrong and the values of our parents, and the majority of the everyday people around us. Even as child we got the point. Nobody wanted to help the little red hen and her chicks bake a wonderful loaf of bread. ‘too busy’ of course later in the day when the fruits of the hens labor resulted in a golden loaf of delicious bread that could be smelled all through the valley
the hen naturally had a lot of company soon, all of the sudden everyone stopped by hoping for a slice. She gave it away until there was only enough left for her and her chicks. What a contrast to what kids are being taught today in this ‘hooray for me and to hell with you’ society.
I feel sure that the modern version of 'the little red hen, that the hen is raped and murdered along with the chicks and they deserved it. Stingy ,high and mighty, thinks she’s somebody special. And the entire valley agreed as they tuck back in there refrigerator box and take another fix of heroin. I hire young men often when I can find one dumb enough to work. Out of 10 I might I might get lucky and find ONE that somehow fell through the cracks and is not completely lost. All of them on the first day take on the deer in the headlights look when they see the job at hand.
Many refuse to shovel mud out of a hole, ‘I aint do’in this. man this is crazy. you need to to get some equipment or somthin man. It’s hot out here. If you try to explain the concept of hiring a man to perform a task, and that if he wont do it ‘I’ will and therefore don’t need him, don’t want him, you can detect a blank stare and know that he not really there. Coming from a culture where young men looked up to the older men and respected their knowledge
and were eager to learn it. Hard work was a challenge and a passage to being a respected man. In just the last 15 yrs I have seen the disappearance old school common sense.
courage to step up to the plate and take charge and accept the responsibility that comes with it. I don’t see that anymore anywhere, management or the men in the trenches. top to bottom stagnation. Jobs with forty men standing around shoot’in the breeze at 50$ per hr. per man. I see it everyday. Young men walking aimlessly down the street looking down at his phone, sloppy hair, sloppy clothes in the middle of the day when he should be on a job somewhere earning a wage. Aint’ gonna happen. Too many ways out. Food card, subsidy checks, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents. If you pay attention you will notice that even the people panhandling on the pity corners, 'they have cell phones and are smoking cigarettes. Very frustrating, because I can’t figure out where my country went. I hope I’m wrong, 'but I see no fix. I do think we have let it go too far. The only comfort and hope left is our faith in God and Christ and making it to the other side. 'In my fathers house are many mansions : If it were no so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


What an excellent articulation of realities as we both see it. I also belive we have gone past the point of no return and are seeing end time prophecies rushing towards us. We can only cling to the knowledge the the Father and Son will always love and keep us and continue to act according to his word even though the world despises us for it.


Stephen, I’ve noticed in life that the people who are the grounded and most solid but resilient at the same time are the people who experienced misfortune and hard times in their childhood. I guess we learned early that you ‘can’t always get what you want’ when you want it. It usually comes later when it’s not that important to you anymore.
Then we start finding gratification in the things that have been there all along that we took for granted. We’ve always had them.

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Yes, well said.

Most people think life is a destination. After they get there everything will be good. What they don’t realize is life is a journey, enjoy it all the way through when possible. No ship will come to port unless it is set to sail in the first place and usually the journey isn’t overnight. You are going to have the same problems, or equal hardships no matter what stage of life you are in. The destination comes after the hole is dug.

Great vacations come and go. Usually, they are not remembered as much as the quiet time sitting in nature absorbing God’s creation.


Well, conspiracy is of old. Man has been corrupt since then. The israelites are chosen people but most corrupt in their dealings. Joseph was sold by his own brothers and in the wildness Moises faced terrible moments. Rothschild and Morgan financed jesuits to slaughter their own fellows. More israelites scientist invaded nuclear bombs to exterminate human race on earth. That’s how it goes until His return to take his own home.

Socialism to the 10th degree! :-1:

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yes sir. they wrapped their new policies in a candy wrapper
so we wouldn’t notice until it’s too late.