The Church Has Gone Psychedelic

Full article at: The Church Has Gone Psychedelic | World Events and the Bible

Ohh, and I use the word “church” loosely here, and I mean loosely! These days, any organization can be considered a “church.” All you have to say is you’re about “spiritual enlightenment,” and BAM, you’re in. Don’t forget that 501(c)3 and you’re good to go! You see, spiritual enlightenment is not about God and Jesus…

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So, it’s a buck 25 more to get into the gong room and smell the barf buckets while doing your breathworks?
Breath in nose 4 seconds, hold for 7, out mouth for 8, barf, them repeat. Sounds like nirvana to me.

No thanks, I get high on God’s WORD.

I think this is the reason why the Lord’s Day is so important. These people are starving for the Word and seeking and searching for it and coming up empty in the end.

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Always searching for a road with no bumps, where everyday is wonderful, no sickness, no death, no disappointment. Follow me and give generously your ‘money’ and I will lead you there! said no real minister of Gods word ever!

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