The CCP spy balloon! 🎈

Everyone’s flipping out over the dreaded Chinese spy balloon! Ohh it’s gonna get us. In just 5 minutes on the internet, everyone has a theory, conspiracy or not.

My Lord, doesn’t it become a bit too much?

It got shot down, wait, it didn’t get shot down. :rofl:

Who entertains these people, and why?

For Heavens sakes, the Chinese have satellites just like we do. They don’t need a flipping balloon. By the way, and just for the record, days ago it was over Alaska and no one said a word about it. See the trajectory here. They knew it was there all along. Come on people, we can track planes and missiles, but not balloons with equipment. :smile:

But, but… Now there’s one in Latin America! :scream:

But hey, we now know, the good folk of Montana will get incinerated 60 seconds before DC.


Fear monger much?

Too dangerous, :rofl: I love it.

These things have been around since the 50s. The airbase i was stationed at had a balloon shop. Who know what they use them for :man_shrugging:

I wander how people would have responded to this?

When I see things like this on msm, the first thing I I think is “why are they telling us this?”. Diversion, scare tactic, setting up for one of their other “so-called” events…or all of the above.

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If China was using this thing for high tech surveillance, it would have been hidden. They wanted us to see it.
As someone said, why do this the day before a big meeting with them.
We track every piece of space junk that is up there, 1000’s, but yet we didn’t see this thing till it was over land.
Not buying it. It is just a finger in our eye from China.

But now there’s more!

Well, maybe not balloons, but two more “objects” have been shot down. :space_invader: It gets even creepier, Justin Trudeau “ordered” the U.S. to shoot it down. We control their air space dontchaknow.

Had someone already caught this on camera, our government would have said what it was. If the “object” is more balloons, then this has been going on for dayyyyss, and they kept it hush hush from the public.

The craziest thing of all…

Our government is flipping out, and spending millions over balloons that have crossed our border 40,000 -65,000 feet up in the air. Yet, we have millions of illegals crossing our border on the ground, and not a word. But those darn balloons must be stopped at all costs!

We are a stupid public.

Enough of the balloons! When do we get the cake and presents?

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Since when does Norad tell the public what they are tracking?

They say they shot down a unidentified object.

Why would you shoot down something not knowing what it is?

On local news here they state they cannot retrieve the ufo because it is on a part of the Artic they cannot reach.
Please gimme a break.

Yes, focus on balloons.
Meanwhile who knows what is coming across the border.

Seems more a distraction to me.
Just my two cents.

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But, but… China has their own UFO in their air space, and they “scrambled” fighter jets to take it down.

If I was China, I would say the same thing. :smile:

And, and… the US has now taken down three UFOs aside from the China balloon.

Waiting for this dude’s take on what’s going on.

hair guy

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Now we prep the nukes… :roll_eyes:

The “object” in Canada was… :drum:

Another balloon.

I’m shocked! :roll_eyes:

But, but, the real question remains.

Did it appear to have “strings” attached to it???

hair guy

The case of the missing balloon…

Who dun it? :thinking: