The Biden files

They wanted to hang Trump for the secret files he had at Mar-a-lago. Biden even ripped him for it.

Ahh, but now the tables have turned and ol Biden has committed the same sin!

Politics are a soap opera.

I do not think it is going to go anywhere. Just like the laptop. It will be a blimp in the news cycle for a couple of days and then shuffled on. He is going to play dumb and that is good enough for the press. He probably really does not remember due to his dementia. I am going to the beach with my dog. Hope the world does not end while we are there. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


This just keeps getting better!

Kids! We’re having caramel popcorn tonight! :popcorn:

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If people would stick together for the greater good, this nonsense would stop.

How many documents are in a batch?

as many as they want! as far as everyone sticking together, good luck, i am not a trump fan, biden fan or any other government official. there are many people who still think trump is God. maybe things will turn around as time goes on, as things get bad, or more things come to light, only time will tell.

I suggested years ago, to stop this spending nonsense, everyone should hold their tax returns till they clean up their act or resign. Can’t arrest the whole nation.

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And more papers

It allllmmoooossstt seems like no one wants Biden or Trump to run again.

It’s like a raging river at this point. Where they find one, they’ll find more. This could be said for anyone with access to such documents. We all get lazy with things, big wigs are no exception.

Some now are saying that someone blew the whistle on Biden. Maybe a deal cut because they were caught being part of something else, earlier, and needed a way out.

Biden didn’t turn them in, they were found and not by him or his staff. Why would they even start looking for them unless they were tipped off.

I find it pretty funny how this just happened to Trump, and now it’s happening to Biden.

What are the odds on that?

I’d say, perhaps this is an attempt by some to keep Biden from running for re-election, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped Trump.

Pence all of a sudden found some files at his house too. I don’t understand how these things would even be allowed to leave the White House or wherever they are stored.

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