Thank you for your readership and support!

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Well, look at that, another year flies by! 2022 is just about in the record books. As we close out this year, I want to say thank you to everyone who reads and supports this site. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I’ve invested a lot of time into WEB. From managing…


Okay…how did I not know about the “Is Jesus Real” site?! (BTW…it didn’t open for me on the Dissenter web browser, had to go to Google chrome.)

I just want to say THANK YOU for all you do. This forum is not like any other and I appreciate it more than you could even know! I think the fact that you and @Maggie homeschool, you are able to teach God’s Word in a special way to help the readers understand better. What a blessing that is!

God bless you and all in the community. Here’s to 2023!!


THANK YOU, Brandon for your faithfulness in God’s Word and to us readers! You go above and beyond in making sure we get true and accurate information. Above and beyond in making this site top notch with everything we could need in helping us understand the Bible.

Above and beyond in your shepherding - answering countless questions, your diligent studies, and your genuine care and concern for not only the information you put out to us, but in your time spent making real relationships with your readers.

You’re a true Christian, Brandon. You have no idea of all the ripple effects your making… Only God Knows!


A friend sent me the following. I wanted to share.

Hello, welcome to Flight #2023. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should we lose Altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach up and pull down a Prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your Faith is activated you can assist other passengers. There will be No Baggage allowed on this flight. The Captain (GOD) has cleared us for takeoff. Destination GREATNESS. Repost and book your flight!!! Happy 2023!