Thank You For Your Readership And Support In 2023!

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Dear brothers and sisters, I want to take a moment and say, “Thank You!” Thank you for reading this site, thank you for sharing this site, and thank you for supporting this site. I cannot stress this enough, without your readership and support, this place would not exist. So thank you, thank you, thank you!…


Hello Brandon, Thank you for another superb year of WETB. The best content on the whole worldwide web.
The biggest change and improvement for me this year was that we started attending a local church. I never thought I would do that because, you know, I know it all :sweat_smile: That couldn’t be further from the truth.
What I was missing from my life and didn’t realize it was community. Outside of WETB I really don’t have much of a Christian community to talk to and learn from.
A buddy of mine invited us out and we reluctantly went. Come to find out we really enjoyed it. Not only that my wife and I hosted a small group focusing on personal finance God’s way (Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University). Four households attended and they all thanked us so much for helping them.
It’s a fun church with a rocking worship band, coffee bar and a few other things I used to complain about with modern churches. What I found out is that they are a Christ centered, small group focused church, and I am meeting real people whose lives are being impacted. Do I agree with everything they say? Nope, but we are on the same team and I feel God has us there for a reason. Btw, they do NOT teach Rapture doctrine so that is a huuuuuge plus lol.
2024 will be more of the same but with some gasoline poured on it. Have a Blessed Christmas WETB peeps!


I want to thank you also for all that you do with the studies etc.

Since moving, the area we are now in is more laid back, relaxed etc. My biggest thing I want to attempt is to enjoy the fruits of my labor as one of your studies laid out. I don’t think people realize how easy it is to get sucked into the whirlwind, I know I didn’t. The whole system is set up to keep one on the wheel. We want to spend more time with family, etc. Life is too short.

My builder is a good Christian man, young, but dedicated. He has some believers as employees and on occasion, they try to get together before work, eat breakfast and do a bible study.

I have had numerous occasions to share things I have learned over the years, and they are very interested in getting more meat. I am going to make an effort to attend their get togethers, if I can drag myself out of bed that early since I retired, :smile: and share some of the meat they crave.

Today, I gave one of them the study on “Did we all come from Adam and Eve”. He and his wife were very interested. Hopefully I can help them through the Hebrew part as you did with us.

Hopefully I can make a good contribution doing the Lord’s work.

To everyone here, thanks for the input and sharing. It is nice to feel connected by those on the same team.


First and foremost I want to thank you Brandon for keeping this community alive and well. And also a huge thank you to all that participate and even those silent ones in the background that don’t say too much. You ALL are my church family and I feel blessed to be here.

As for the questions - I’ve been thinking about them quite a bit. I’m awful at summarizing (as many of you…I kind of ramble on and y’all don’t know how many times I delete paragraphs as I type! :upside_down_face:)

2023 has been a wonderful year! Although I didn’t do much with the garden this year, I did learn A LOT about herbs and their medicinal healing. I’ve always been one to look for natural remedies, but I upped my game this year. Making my own tinctures, vinegars, extracts of all kinds and so much more. Once again, reminding myself that God has given us every single thing we need to survive in this flesh world.

One thing I didn’t expect (well, maybe I did, but it really hit me this year) is all the vanity in this world and how we as a people got to this point. The more I learn, the harder it is to comprehend, but also helps me to practice my faith to our Almighty on whole new levels. Even things as simple as “lawns”. Like really, the only reason we have lawns is because the “rich” had them and we wanted to be like them. Yes, I read the history of lawns. :roll_eyes: If we would just let everything grow natural, you would see all the plants and herbs that grow well in your area AND they are your medicine. And now whenever I look at someone’s lawn, all I see is an industry that started bc of it and all the chemicals and crap people spray all over the place. (See…I’m on my soapbox again! LOL) And quit killing all the dandelions and garlic mustard already!!!

On the biblical side of things, I am enjoying reading the bible on my own without a narrative from a pastor. That was the only way I had studied for many years. Now I can read the bible and get more out of it as the Spirit leads me. Not saying I don’t like Brandon’s verse by verse studies!! I LOVE THEM but I’m also open minded with it all now. Before, I know I wasn’t thinking on my own much of the time - of course, I thought I was, but in all honesty, I wasn’t.

As for 2024…I want to continue to study Brandon’s Tribulation Series. It’s taking me awhile to get through it all. But more importantly, I pray that I can be part of that ripple affect to spread God’s truth and goodwill more than in previous years. All through God’s good graces.

Oh…and I pray that this community here continues to grow!! :sparkling_heart:

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  1. How did 2023 treat you?

No complaints, God has blessed us more than we could ever deserve.

Father blessed us with a great spring harvest in our garden.
We learned so much and had a great time with it.

  1. What improvements have you made this year?

I like to think I have been making some progress putting this verse into my daily life.
James 1:19

I am understanding the Bible now than I ever had.
Brandon’s studies have helped me tremendously.

  1. What have you accomplished this year?

I have made progress on not worrying about things I have no control over.

I reached my fitness goals. :smiley:
This was a big one for me at my age.
I feel much better and am excited about exercising every morning.

Not much to add that’s it in a nutshell.

I really like the website it’s my first stop each morning. :coffee:


Thank you Brandon and your family for all that you all do to help make this site possible!!!

  1. How did 2023 treat you? Technically really good cause I am alive ,my kids and hubby are alive and our Moms are alive and my other main loved ones are alive as well!!!

  2. What improvements have you made this year? I chilled out a little with obsessing over certain things that are out of my control.

  3. What have you accomplished this year? I stuck with counseling, via video. I am recently trying to talk about some trauma that still grips me. Just talking. I am not trying any of the new age crap and I am not trying to be on a script of any kind. Though I like something that is bad for me but helps with my reflex, I was born without a valve in my esophagus. I cut down way more on certain days than others. Feel kind of stupid sharing that but hope it helps someone to know that smoking anything is not really a good idea. Perhaps it should have been used like oregano on pasta and it would have been healthier, safer preventative medicine, and pain reliever and help with appetite and for me to also hold food down. Instead I am addicted to the smoking method. Though you can get government made edibles, one it aggravates me how much more money they get to make off of it and sooooo much more. I also don’t like the taste very much. I have a problem with over consuming sugar so I definitely don’t wanna have candy versions. I also feel deep regret on how my smoking has technically helped funded bad guys and gals on a bigger scale, and how our Lord may be very upset and disgusted with my technically contradictions. Against all this evil and yet my habit that helped me in certain ways also helps a lot of evil. SO I need to work on that somehow.

My Hubby gifted me a tablet I could draw on and he set it up for me. I am not good with tech. He found a free art program called Krita. I tried it. I liked it. Had no idea what I was doing. Joined the Krita forum to see what could be helpful or inspirational, and came across the monthly contest and entered two contest and lost.
I Shared a couple pieces on there besides for the contests. I was really uncomfortable even going on their because of all the new age political correct crap, and also hesitant cause I really wanna do what Lord wants me to do. I am getting older and running out of time to use the talent He had given me. I really wanna make something that He would be proud of that tells the truth about His Word, but I am not sure what I will be able to come up with yet. Many ideas though!
I shared a couple of art pieces on here which I felt more comfortable but then felt little embarrassed cause I am not trying to be vain or pushy if I share too much. I don’t know.
Love you All!!! This spot is my family forum, my safest place in the digital world, my safest spot for people who are trying to know and serve Our Father, In Jesus Christ Name Amen :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

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First thing I’ve gotta say - don’t feel you are being vain! I love seeing your artwork and I hope you keep sharing more. As for the smoking - there a a lot of other things you could have resorted to that are much worse. And good for you on the counseling. If it helps, then keep doing it. I know I have gone through some things myself and then one day it was like God just lifted all of it from me. I will be keeping you in my prayers! God bless Ericka and I’ll be anxiously awaiting more of your artwork.

Oh - and I agree, this community is like family! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you Kay,beyond words, truly :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: :heartbeat: :two_hearts: :heart: I will also keep you in my prayers :heart: I will post some art soon! Thank you for your encouragement on everything :heart::purple_heart:

I posted an art piece called Morning Sun Burst, Morning Sun Burst hope you like it! Its from my imagination as usual lol. Love Ya Kay!!! :hugs: :heart:

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Brandon thank you! I eagerly read your posts for the wisdom you provide me and the down to earth messages happening all around us. The world truly is a mess! I am trying to keep up with scripture but reading the Bible is lacking at times. I am bringing up two littles at 62 yesterday and its a lot. I have no exuse though I will do better! Thank you and Bless you!!


Did i read that right? You had a birthday yesterday? If so Happy belated birthday. As for you raising 2 littles…you are doing God’s work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you Brandon for teaching Gods true word boldy, I’m so blessed to have found your site.

  1. How did 2023 treat you? Very good, I’m kicking and breathing.

  2. What improvements have you made this year? I study our Fathers word everyday now and I get excited for it. I don’t hate people as much, I’m more patient with them and myself as well. I’ve become a better decision maker as well.

  3. What have you accomplished this year? I’ve accomplished how to sew and day trading stocks. My biggest accomplishment is letting God rule over my life, I used to think I was in control of what happened in my life and never consulted with our Father, let’s just say I do now. Lol

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