Texican standoff: Inside the only border spot where law is enforced

Well, he’s one bright spot on the illegal immigration saga. It seems more like a feel-good story, I will be impressed if Abbott finally shuts his own border down. I cannot say I see it happening. I think we’ve headed down the road of globalism. In fact, what’s going on tied into an article I wrote toward the beginning of the year.

The author of this article did a good job, but for me, this has always been common sense. Shut the border down, stop welcoming people in, and more importantly, stop giving them free stuff! When you offer free things, people come, when you stop offering free things they don’t come. What a concept, I know.

If this was on Israel’s border, they would have tanks, drones, gunships, snipers, the entire tranny military etc.

I can still remember the days you could go to a 7\11 and not need an interpreter.
Not have to press 1 for English.
Not have to have your head on a swivel while you pump gas.

The country is falling!

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The mighty America, gagged and bound. with mere words, and manipulated opinions.