Tennessee bans trans treatment for kids!

We have another big win this morning!

Let’s keep it coming.

Well excuse me, it gets even better!

At least seven states – Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Utah – have passed laws or policies that restrict gender-affirming care for people under the age of legal majority, which is the threshold for legal adulthood. - Map: Where gender-affirming care is being targeted in the US - ABC News

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Unfortunately reality is truth, people have been looking for ways to circumvent the natural order of life ,reality and truth since the beginning of time. It boils down to rebellion against the word of God. History shows that every nation and every people who embrace evil destroy themselves. When a certain lady being considered for a position on the highest court in the land was asked, 'the difference between a man and a women. She refused to reality and truth and chose to mumble some incoherent stupidity. Oh she new! but to speak reality and truth would be the equivalent of a Christian using the Lords name in vain.
We know ho her master is.

I agree. God can handle a little potty mouth. When you deny His word and laws, Christ being the word from the beginning, you are taking His name, reputation, honor, excellence, etc. and saying it is worthless, null and void.