Supermarkets change their thoughts on self-checkout registers due to an increase in theft.

Good riddance!

The majority of these self check outs will not let you use cash.

Walmart ready to arrest little granny because she did not scan something correctly. :crazy_face:

the masses care about price over service now. I still go after good service as a lot of folks do.
Price isn’t the primary motivator. the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is still something I believe in. Even in business I deal with people who treat me like I matter to them. I pay more than I can buy it somewhere else only because they know me by name, My order is shipped when they say, and it is correct when I get it 95% of the time. reliable good service. It cost’s more. When a problem does occur, there is no argument. they make it right And I am happy
to pay the extra. My’ how things have changed.

I very rarely go anywhere that even has self checkouts. Although our local Piggly Wiggly now has self checkouts but I have never used them. And I agree with @yakityyak - service and who I am buying from is much more important to me.