Study on COVID vaccines may explain why COVID never seems to end

Say it isn’t so, I mean, who woulda guessed? We only said it during the entire pandemic.

Tolerance is a good thing in most aspects of life. But when it comes to the immune system, artificially juicing up the body to create antibodies with long-term tolerance to a pathogen is a recipe for disaster. Amid thousands of papers on COVID and the vaccines, a new German paper published in Science Immunology should be the headline story this week. Although the subject matter is very dense, the implication of it is that the Pfizer shots (and possibly other mRNA spike protein shots) caused the immune system to misfire, thereby creating an endless feedback loop of viral immune escape, perpetuating the pandemic in the macro, and creating immune suppression for the individuals who received them. - Conservative Review

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Good Post Brandon! you might get a lot of response on this one, maybe not. we all make choices in life, some good, some bad. We will have to pray really hard for the people who got the “JAB” i noticed a lot of young people that have died all of “sudden” i have never ever seen or heard of this before, not in my lifetime anyway. i read the conservative review, which i thought was a hard read. might be due to age? i don’t understand a lot of this science stuff, but i know in my heart , what they did was wrong to the people of the world.

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Tolerance is essential, but the constant of excessive or too little tolerance is rapid and premature failure. That law applies to building a space craft to go to the moon, governing a society, regulating employees or raising children. Moderation in all things promotes common sense.

This data came out early and was squashed. I talked to many who took the jab and now they wish they didn’t after learning all the facts. Many are still getting Covid.

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I’m still praying for those that were injured by it and praying for families that lost loved ones from this whole ordeal. This hits too close to home for me.

I avoid that topic also Kay. I have some very close loved ones that received the vaccine to keep their good paying jobs. I tried to talk them out of it, but I understood their position. all of them have had adverse effects and have tested positive for covid numerous times. they are very regretful so I don’t want to rub salt in the wound.

Exactly. I have a member of my immediate family that’s has her own growing family. They are all in the medical field. They also have had side effects and continue to get covid. Although they are still continuing to get boosted. It’s so sad. All we can do is pray for them all according to God’s will. And once again…we are “practicing faith”.