Study: A third of the West’s burned forests can be traced to fossil fuel companies

You’ll never believe this whopper!

They’re blaming oil companies for forest fires even if the spark came from your car. :smile: When I saw this headline, I told my wife that’s going to be the scoop and sure enough it was.

37 percent of forest burned across the western United States and southwestern Canada since 1986 can be linked to carbon pollution from 88 of the world’s largest oil, gas, and coal companies.

Here it is…

Researchers considered emissions directly emitted by these companies’ operations as well as the indirect emissions from the products they sold.

One more bit…

climate change is a key factor fueling these fires, roughly doubling the acreage burned over the last 40 years.

Let’s see, what else changed in the last 40 years? The US population grew by 110 million people. The more people alive the more chances they create disasters, especially when they travel to nature and are careless. Seen it a million times.

But hey, it’s climate change. :joy:


You know, I’m missing the other emoji’s…I really wanted to laugh about this. :rofl: I mean, we all know the media is full of crap, but sometimes they come up with some real doosies!

Gotta go get a couple more rolaids. Makes me want to hear Chill Wills say people! people! people! Did you know, that if you pump gas in your car in Texas that it could start the woods on fire in North Dakota? uh ha, yes it’s true. we are scientists and we know, 'you know why?
because we studied it!. Can I read the report? uhh, no it’s classified.


I should be able to get those back up and running this evening.

Edit: I did get those back up by the way. Forgot to make note of that.

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