Space Mirrors To Block The Sun To Save The Planet

Full article at: Space Mirrors To Block The Sun To Save The Planet | World Events and the Bible

The climate cult is at it again… The U.S. Government is looking into solutions to combat man-made climate change that are so extreme, they include blocking the sun in new and exciting ways! That’s right, the fruits, nuts, clowns, and criminals who run our government are urgently seeking to block more of our precious sunlight.…

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I am not worried for a second, because I know God is much bigger than the sun. They can try to block him, but in the end, they will lose.


I guess they’ll have to move away from they’re homes that sit at the edge of the ocean.

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Just another hype of sick minds. They indeed have lost their marbles. Lol. Those marbles have rolled away and are looking for some sane person to inhabit. Good luck!!!. Im so glad Fathers light can cut through anything man makes.


Ya they been trying to mess with the firmament for years also. They can’t stop God creation.

Love the new avatar, that’s a nice piece of hardware right there. :+1:t3:

Thanks! Its part of my end times prepping kit! :sunglasses:

They should move to Mars.