Sodom And Gomorrah Found By Science? The Evidence Is Compelling

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Sodom, Gomorrah, and the surrounding cities in the plain of Jordan were destroyed by God due to perversion and sin. Namely, homosexuality, (Gen 3:10, Gen 19). Christians are familiar with the story. God sent two Angels to Sodom to spare Lot and his family from the destruction. Lot adhered to the Angels and fled Sodom.…


Yes. Expedition bible youtube channel has some of the best videos on all the evidence that is very accurate. He goes to the actual site shows the sulfer balls and lights them on fire. Pretty cool to watch and learn.

I get angry at times, scientists so smart. But in the Bible it says that The Lord will blind their eyes. Eyes that should not see. And ears that should not ear. They will continue inventing things, so awesome and complicated. The Higgs bosom and the like. But they can not get to The Lord. It is written. Amazing times indeed.
It will be tough when the antichrist will be here, and the fallen angels. The fight will be within our minds, this is too scary. There are no magnitudes in our minds. We have to have the whole Armour of God. And we will. The Lord is our Shepherd.


Agreed Rodrigo. The thing that I notice, is that no matter what evidence they find that would confirm scripture they always look for a scientific way [mans way] around it. Make light of it, 'it’s just a natural occurrence used by the ignorant people of that time to bolster their ignorant imaginary beliefs. I think that science is getting too big for their britches. If you get tired of listening to them and want to shut them up, ask them to explain infinity in fact and not theory.

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The pandemic was enough for me. Trust the science, get vaxed, study says it’s safe and effective… On and on. Study says… Bla bla. What a bunch