Social media is driving mental health crisis

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy… issued a warning that social media use is a main contributor to depression, anxiety and other problems in the nation’s teenagers. - Social media is driving teen mental health crisis, surgeon general warns

When social media is not mentally harming our children, it’s teaching them to commit crimes.

“Kia and Hyundai owners … cars were stolen or damaged” thanks to “viral videos, posted to TikTok and other social media platforms, teaching people how to start the cars with USB cables and exploit a security vulnerability” - TikTok and other social media trends are thrusting performance crimes into the US spotlight | AP News

As I thought about this, I decided to look at a bunch of the websites that started around the same time as mine. Most of them have seen their traffic dry up, others have vanished. Social media changed the web forever, and herded us into massive controlled silos.

It didn’t just change our kids, it changed us, whether we’re willing to admit it or not. Then, it funneled all the ad revenue to companies like Facebook and Google. So our viewpoint became that much smaller. It’s changed everything for the worse.

Get this…

  • Up to 95% of teens between the ages of 13 and 17 say they use a social media platform

Yikes! :scream:

Even worse…

As of April 2023, there were 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, which amounted to 64.6 percent of the global population. Of this total, 4.8 billion, or 59.9 percent of the world’s population, were social media users. - Internet and social media users in the world 2023 | Statista

So, 92% of the people on the planet who are online, use social media.

How often?

  • the global daily average for social media use is 2 hours and 27 minutes, (Forbes).

That’s just the average.

So, compare the world today, to the one pre-social media.

  • Are we better off today, or back then?
  • Are we more educated today, or back then?
  • Is society a better place today, or back then?


I am so thankful that my teen doesn’t want anything to do with Social Media. He has a cell phone, but only uses it when out chasing trains. And get this, I’m the one, his own mother, trying to get him to join FB just so he can get in the heads up groups for railfanning. I have joined these groups and he wants ME to keep an eye out for special engines coming through the area. When he does join I know it will be for that reason and that reason only.

But think about this. We know how cleaver satan is. He always goes after our God given emotions of love for each other and uses it to his advantage. Why is it so hard for some people to leave FB? Because they have friends and family that they keep in contact with - heck they have made new friends through FB. And FB has conditioned people with this “convenience” of keeping connections with friends. So with that being one of the main strong holds to keep people there, they manipulate the algorithms to try and manipulate the way you think.

So my answer to your questions: I’ve pondered these questions in my head for quite some time…years! And my answers to all three are “yes and no”. Some examples: I wouldn’t have found WEB if it wasn’t for social media. I wouldn’t have had the resources I needed to take care of my dad - I had to CORRECT doctors and nurses who thought they knew better. Think about how many social media users have found Christianity through using it. I could go on and on…there is once again - good and evil.

So I think the key issue we have is once again…foundation. You need to have a good foundation of Christianity to be able to discern. We can blame other people, businesses, etc. all we want, but it always comes back to the individuals foundation.

First thing that came to mind here is just like commerce! They have created a way to stomp out small business and let the big, giant companies thrive.

Glenn Beck reported that his 17 year old daughter attempted suicide last week. Hw was issuing the same warning. It seems like kids with spiritual learning and beliefs and structured lives are much more at danger and no doubt ostracized, ridiculed more by their peers who mock structure and spiritual boundaries. Kids that do not believe in anything other than sex and money seem to take social media and the world as a whole in stride. No big deal, just another hoot. I’m curious if I am the only person to notice that? Of course adults experience the same things at work and among peers, but not nearly as intense as younger people.
we all know how cruel kids can be. your a geek, a dork, a little miss perfect! your gross!
saving herself for her husband! what a dumba–! That’s what going on. with social media it’s not limited to school, it’s 24/7/365

I totally respect your view here, but I did want to mention something.

Since we have something, in this case, social media, we come up with various scenarios of how it has benefitted us. Yet, looking at society as a whole, it clearly has not provided a benefit. Perhaps it benefitted you, however, I know you would have found the proper doctor and nurse, it just may have required more digging.

Let me put it like this… My wife and I say it all the time, how did we all do it before cell phones and GPS? How did we all manage to know where to go, and to get back home?

It seems like magic in hindsight, but mankind has been doing it since the beginning of time without issue. Man always finds a way, but when you invite the devil into your living room, it’s tough to say no.

Just another perspective.


Absolutely 100% agree! I look at tech and actually what people like to call “progress” as a very evil thing. Just like I was saying to my son when we were driving through an Amish area - “I think they got it right with their way of living.” Of course, I really don’t know much about what they believe in relation to God, but their way of life is SO MUCH BETTER than what we have going on.

As for cell phones - I hate them! I only got a cell phone for emergencies - the good old flip phone. Then of course I had to upgrade bc mine was too “out of date” and wouldn’t work anymore. So here I am, using a “smart” phone. Although, I never shop on my phone and have never used those stupid “q codes” or whatever they’re called. I do use it for bible study at night when I shut down the lap top. I’m pretty much “forced” to text from time to time, but hate that too. Of course we now we use it for catching trains! Google maps, FB groups, team viewer…all that bs…all for convenience.

Convenience…a word that has been on my mind quite a bit over the last few months,
Just stop and think about what we as a people gave up for convenience. Really think about that. Most people today haven’t a clue on how to take care of themselves. We are dependent on big companies and corporations all for the sake of convenience.

My mom was just talking today about the day her family first got electricity. (Although they were only allowed to use it at dinner time.) I used to think that I was born in the wrong period of time bc I would have loved to live back then - before technology and this “wonderful progress” we have going on. Sure, it was hard work and the struggles were real, but you had to use your own brain and your own muscles. (BTW, I know God has me here for this point in time for a reason and I’m thankful for that.)

So yes, I totally agree with your point. Satan is pretty much every where we look today.

well, one thing for sure, they are here and we are not going to put them down. We know it and so do search engines. realizing you left your phone at home causes us to panic. that’s where we are and it’s not going to change. AI is rolling in now. that’s gonna be a hoot. I guess we should just roll with it. no stopping it. whatever you know how to do on your Iphone your 8 yr old grandchild knows 10 times that

10-4 I talk to my teenage grand kids and pull no punches regarding sexual carelessness. following the cool people and feeling like you must fit in. believe it or not, they listen intently.
I am very frank and graphic to the point that they sometimes look at one another and do the eye roll. But at least I have the courage to tell them the truth! I ask them point blank to their faces if they understand what I’m saying? They do! they know I without a doubt that I ‘love’ them and care about them. 14 and i5. believe me, they have heard a lot worse. they are not shocked, they know exactly what I’m talking about. If they don’t now, they will down the road. and my words will ring in their ears. because there is 67 years of knowledge behind what I say. Been there and done that! even though they don’t respond, it is very evident that they are listening intently. So please have the courage to tell the young people you love the truth. regardless of how uncomfortable it feels. they love you and depend on your guidance much more than you know. Don’t keep it from them. The truth is the only thing that can protect them. Don’t let them accept a lie from stupid or evil people. Amen!

Absolutely! And so glad that you are talking to them straight. Too many adults try to pussy foot around sensitive subjects. I am blunt as well when I talk with kids - they DO need to hear the truth. And I agree with you that even if they don’t respond…they are listening and they will not forget those words. I’ve been around the block a few times as well and know what they need to hear!