So you like gummy bears do ya?

So you like gummy bears do ya? :smiling_imp:

You know they’re made from gelatin, right? But what’s gelatin made of…

What if I told you cartilage, bone, and skin? :nauseated_face: They say it can be good for your health, just steer clear of the swine variety.


I do a lot of bone broth (chicken and beef). I only use beef gelatin when making gummies for the grandkids.

Just remember, we ALL need more collagen as we get older or your joints will stiffen up, your hair starts to thin out and your nails start to break. :smiling_face:

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Never like gummy bears or anything “gummie”!!

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I just ordered another grassfed steer. I make bone stock, but learned my lesson to make beef or chicken bone stock, not just plain bones with no meat on them.

How did I learn that one? I was making plain bone stock in the big ole nesco and it was simmering overnight. In the middle of the night I woke up to a stench in the house that even today, thinking about it, I want to puke! It literally smelled like DEATH! I had never had that experience before, but it was the first time I ever made bones with no meat on them. I really had no idea why it stunk so bad. Then I searched “bone stock smells like death” and found MANY articles about it! :rofl: :sweat_smile: There is a reason for it, but I don’t even care to remember why!

Note: I carried the whole pot outside and when my husband got home I had to have him dump it. It was THAT BAD!

And yes - I totally agree! Collagen is SO GOOD FOR YOU! Even your brain needs that collagen.


The reason is the morrow. I always roast a whole chicken take all the meat off the bone (for another meal for later). I have an instant pot and I put all the bones and skin into the pot, 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp sea salt, carrots, onion, celery, and garlic with parsley, thyme and rosemary.
Add 8 cups of filtered water and set the instant pot on 90 minutes. In 90 minutes I have bone broth. I seal away two cups in my sealer bags and put them in the freezer. Makes about 6 bags.

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Yes yes yes to the roasting first! I do that with chicken and beef stock - I roast the veggies with it also. Apparently the meat/veggies cover up that marrow smell. I always make sure to spoon out the marrow goodness into the gravy when making roasts.

Have you ever made tallow? I have my meat processor grind the leaf tallow for me and render it. I let it cool and then cut in squares and either keep in the fridge or freezer. We use it for lots of things. It makes the BEST french fries ever!

I got an instant pot but never really used it. Ended up selling it. I still prefer the oven for roasts and the nesco for my big bathes of stock and rendering the tallow…

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I have not, that is something I would like to do too. I make soaps and that would be great to do with tallow I was able to render.

The instant pot is great for someone like myself, that works a lot and needs a quick and good nutritious meal. I make chicken and rice in 25 minutes. :yum:

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Yep - I used to use the tallow for soap! I’ve since given up making soap since I have a friend that makes it and I buy from her now.

I had a love hate relationship with the instant pot LOL. If I was working out of the house full time, I would most likely have kept it. But since I’m mostly at home I have the time to let it slow cook in the oven.

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I didnt know this! What are different ways to get collagen?

I get my collagen in a powder form and mix it it in with a chocolate protein shake. :grin:


I get it all sorts of ways. By drinking the beef or chicken bone broth, making soups with it and also making sure the majority of cuts of beef have bone in. Making roasts with the bone in and roasting it, provides more collagen. I sometimes take grassfed collagen supplements, but I make sure it comes from a good source. Many of the collagen supplements use the hides from tanneries, which is loaded with chemicals! I have also used the powder from time to time, but I tend to forget about it and then it goes bad. LOL

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Bone broth (especially chicken).

Here is some good info: