🦃 So what are your plans for Thanksgiving Day?

Going to the inlaws?

Hanging out with your own family?

What are you cooking?

Are there any good recipes out there?

If you sweet talk my wife, she just might spill the beans on her world-famous cranberry sauce recipe! We’re talking real cranberries, not that stuff in a can people.


Thanksgiving calories do not count…

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Chicken! We are having chicken! LOL Not a big fan of turkey. We had a mini-version tonight. I make my stuffing with cut up sourdough bread, chicken breakfast sausage, celery, onions, pecans, water chestnuts and lots of sage and butter.

I’d love the cranberry sauce recipe! I usually make raw cranberry salad with orange (and orange rind) and pecans. Oh…and sugar. :upside_down_face:

Edited to add: Gonna try sourdough pie crust for my pumpkin pie this year!


Well, the receipts will show the inflation that’s for sure! :rofl:


You want to see my diesel receipt from the other day? :smile:

I was thinking about doing a Chicken as well but decided on a 3lb Turkey instead =). We are at this little cottage by a lake for the time being and this oven has only one temperature! So it should be interesting cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Okay the cranberry sauce is very easy! 12oz of fresh cranberries, 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of orange juice. Put it all in a pot on low/medium heat until it boils and it will start to thicken. If you like it more on the tart side, more oj/ less sugar. =)


:rofl: Oh boy!!! That will be interesting and please update us on how it turns out. You are one brave woman!

And that’s wonderful that you are all at a little cottage for awhile. Your family is going to have some of the best memories!!

I love your recipe! There is something about orange and cranberry together that makes it so good. I will make that when the farm I go to gets more cranberries in! I went yesterday and they were out. I’m picky about my cranberries and insist on organic.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you end up making the cranberry sauce?

We had a nice quiet simple Thanksgiving - which I love! The guys (husband and son) wanted the cranberries that I usually make, BUT, I’m heading to the farm to pick up more cranberries and will make your recipe! We love to eat cranberries as long as they are available!

How was yours AND how did the oven work for making that bird?! I was thinking about you that day…

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Yes, our family is the same way, once they find a recipe they like, they don’t want anything new. =) Well, at least not on Thanksgiving Day!

Ours was great. Our daughter wanted to help, so I pretty much had her in the kitchen all day! I made her do most of the work and I just “supervised!”

The oven thing was a lot of work… I did end up doing a 6lb turkey beast only…I would turn it on for 15 minutes…set the time, turn it off for 15…and so on until everything was cooked. :face_exhaling:

It all worked out in the end!

Have a great day!

Wonderful!!! Of course, I tried something a little similar with my son, but that didn’t wrok out so well. Maybe next year!

Bless your heart! That had to have been tricky as all get out! Glad it turned out!!

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