Since Satan loves sin so much, is he going to say that homosexuality is okay?

So this is what I have pondered off and on for years and now I’m going to try to explain my thought. The anti-christ will claim to be the True Christ when he shows up on the Mount of Olives. Since he loves sin so much, is he going to say that homosexuality is okay? And we all know that satan knows scripture more than any of us - so with that being the case, how can he go directly against scripture to say this evil and sin is okay? Will that be by twisting scripture? I’ve been thinking about starting a new topic for this thought, but found this post to fit…I hope.

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I have thought this as well!

It would make sense for Satan to condone homosexuality, trans etc, and he will twist scripture just like most churches do now. Satan used perversion in the garden, and in Sodom and Gomorrah. Look at Passover, the most high holy day, …. & what Christians do instead, they celebrate Easter, and that pagan celebration is based on filth, perversion, sexual orgies, and fertility. Satan and the evil in this world have convinced Christians (over time) that Easter is something we need to celebrate. They use scripture, they twist the meanings and make up traditions and make it sound so good and so Christian….

I also think the climate change rhetoric will also be a tool he comes with, unifying the world.

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It is so hard for me to wrap me head around that. But I suppose, the deception is going to be that great!

I have pondered this too. How all this will unfold. My view leans towards him claiming to be a god, not the Christ. (2 Thess) When he arrives, he has to weasel his way into control. Peaceful flatteries, then he shows his true nature. We know he heals the wound, but it isn’t a snap your fingers event if he has to work his way in.

I wondered what scenario he will bring to join all the different beliefs into one accord. How would he unite the Muslims with any other belief? Or will they battle him too? Twisting scripture won’t work for all since not all believe it in the first place. Only 31% of the world claim to be Christian.

It is hard to find a church that teaches the true word anymore so turning them to someone else, to me, isn’t going to be very hard for him. Many already think God’s laws are unfair and outdated.

Sometimes I relate it to Satan after the millennium. A while ago someone said he will fool the people again as to who he is. I believe we will know who he is, 1000 years in the pit. Too me, the deception is going to be that if they join him again, this time he can defeat God’s army and they won’t have to live by God’s laws anymore. After the 1000 years of the iron rod, the unruly will buy into anything to be able to live like we see the world becoming today. That pesky 1/3 just doesn’t want to conform.

It’s an interesting thought Kay, but I don’t know how many of those finer details will be relevant then.

Satan will certainly arrive on earth in a spectacular appearance along with 200 million wicked angels. It’s going to be quite the show. People themselves will instantly know, a truly new era has just dawned on humanity at that moment. They will instantly know, there is a God. They’ll just have the wrong one.

Most people will change their beliefs to that of this new entity they perceive as God. It will be the great apostasy. So I think most people, nearly the whole world will do anything to be on that ship. Homosexuality has become a big thing as it’s becoming more accepted thanks to the media and government. Now, imagine how acceptable God will become when everyone thinks He is right here on earth…

With that said, what exactly will Satan do?

2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

Satan will claim to be God, and even show himself to be by most of his actions, (Antichrist). All of Satan’s angels that show up, they will claim to be the angels of God. Together, they will claim to have come to establish His Kingdom on earth. Again, most people are going to be jumping head over heels for that.

There is something else I want to throw out there… Perhaps we give Satan too much credit for all the wickedness in the world. I say that as the Israelites knew what was right and wrong. Yet, time and time again they chose to do evil. Even though they saw all of God’s miracles.

As you read the Old Testament and the Israelites many failings. We never really find Satan present, perhaps just once with David. So the Israelites sinned, and left God on their own.

I think we are seeing that same thing today, and we have, all throughout human history.

Just my two cents.


Yes, I have been digging into the Old Testament quite a bit lately. I feel that in those times of the Israelites satan’s spirit was among them, not necessarily satan himself. I think there were many that were conjuring up the satanic spirits to stir up the Israelites and lead them astray, away from God…if that makes sense. There was so much deception back then and to think of the flood of deception that will come during satan’s reign in mind-boggling. (note - I’m still recouping from my trip to the UP of Michigan…makes me think I wouldn’t do well with living in an RV! I’m a home body…)