Should we question election results?

To what extent should we question election results?

Check this out…

According to the poll, only 43% of Republicans said candidates who lose an election should concede. Among independents — which could include many conservatives and others who are, shall we say, less politically astute — that number creeps up to 57%.

Still fairly troubling — but at least it’s a majority.

Among Democrats, 74% of respondents said election candidates who lose should concede. (The poll’s margin of error was approximately 2.7 percentage points.)

That means,

  • 57% of Republicans believe election losers shouldn’t concede
  • 26% of Democrats believe election losers shouldn’t concede

We know why Republicans have so much doubt, it’s constantly echoed. I recall Kari Lake questioning the primary, only to find herself as the eventual winner. So if our party wins the election, the results are valid, but if they do not win, the results are not valid?..

  • So where do we go with this?
  • Are we going to call elections results fabricated unless our party wins?
  • What kind of precedent is that and what does that mean for our nation?
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To me, questioning the results is backwards. We need to question and secure the procedure. Sadly, this will never happen. Both sides don’t care how they win, as long as they do.


Has any country ever “voted” itself out from under from commie rule??

Asking for a friend.


I was curious, when the numbers and anomalies of this last election showed , well. “anomalies”. One being, of course, the massive number of ballots. But another fascinating analysis was that 6th order/degree polynomial that materialized from the data as Dr Frank showed. I do prefer more accurate counts as I like to check the “temperature” of the “sea”. What are we looking at…how many are really duped or what is the % of duped, so maybe we can see how close to sealing we are, and how easy the masses will fall. “ripe” IOW. Now, I know many who for years have said the elections are all rigged, but I disagree with that. If I were to “concede” in a game in which I “knew” there was unfairness, (lets look at the “man-who-claims-to-be-a-woman” swimming in the woman’s swimming tourey, for example), I would phrase the “concession” (or "loss) very carefully and would not lie…

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Welcome to the forum snowflakes!

I think you’re spot on. I never hear anyone talking about how we can fix it. Instead, just bickering.

in general politicians never work to fix anything, just grease the squeaky wheel and hope it gets quiet and goes away.


In this election where they claim Biden won over Trump, yes, question it as there was the perfect storm of events to allow for corruption. They used the covid scare to allow mass mail in ballots and drop boxes. After the elections there were plenty of witnesses and even film footage to prove corruption had occurred. Of course our judiciary system will not contend with it as those 10 kings call the shots. As watchmen we must sound off when satan and his kings are making these plays. What has been, is again, and will to the end, so what’s the use you may say. For us children to stay vigilant and keep learning of the old serpants trickery. He is subtly catching all that he can in his coils, little by little. We do not want it to be to late, and any be caught away from our Father YHVH. There’s no fixing anything in the dark prince’s world, and we have to stick with our true rock, and make light of all we see wrong. The illutionest just keeps calling up his same plays over and over. He’s that 4th kingdom of Daniel 2:40 that breakeths and bruises.


I do hear many talking about fixes…and how to fix…problem is,it just won’t happen as the counter voices say there is/was nothing wrong. There are ways…similar to the way France and other countries do it.

I believe there are anomalies in the election data. Systems aren’t perfect. After watching the 2000 Mules, the last election nonsense was off the charts.
Our main problem isn’t achieving a totally accurate count, though it would be nice, it is to only allow those who qualify to vote at all.
When Liberalism plays Santa Claus, who do you think they will vote for?

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It could be at least fairly counted (I’m an accountant, so I know “book”). I also worked at election places for about 10 years when I was in AK…I did the book, and I balanced that with ballots, to the counter of the machine recorder—I never lost a ballot. Drop boxes are a problem–they actually provided the minimum count of paper, for the machine to produce that 6th order polynomial. I was the 2000 mules AFTER I saw Dr Frank’s work–but that work has been buried pretty deeply (I wonder why? SI), and most would not understand the relevance anyway. What is done is done—I think Father allowed it.

I’ve been praying about this for a long time - and I honestly do not think we have had an honest election for decades. The more I look at our history and the timing of our leaders - seems like it’s all a facade. All I know is God’s in control and I take comfort in that. I just wish I would have taken that comfort sooner than I did! But, I guess it’s all in God’s perfect timing. <3