Should Christians Have Life Insurance?

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While Christians should not worry about tomorrow, we need to ensure that we plan for it. That includes our financial situation and planning for the unexpected.


Well written sir! Fantastic perspective.
We have a saying in the financial services industry, “you don’t buy life insurance because you’re gonna die, but because your family will live”. :facepunch: :call_me_hand:


Hey Ken can you show me some rates on home insurance too cuz I haven’t had any for 20 years I own my own home paid off more than 20 years ago and I believe in f a i t h Financial indemnity leading to solemnity! Insurance is one of the biggest ripoffs in our country I also don’t carry health insurance people are of this nation are Insurance poor way back to the seventies perpetrating fear and worry Galore

If you are a Christian, you already have the best policy available, and it’s free! My wife and I paid for health insurance for 26 years, It started out at 430.00 per mo. Within a year after Obama’s welfare care, our BC/BS soared all the way up to 2800. per mo. We could no longer afford it and cancelled it. Now that we have reached the age where we will probably need that BC/BS we no longer have it. Many thousands of dollars flushed down the toilet.
Thank you Obama and the freeloaders who enjoy the free health care that the rest of us pay for.

Some ‘life insurance’ policies that are actually a ‘savings account’ that earns dividends will earn more money than banking institutions in the long term and a good plan for healthy young children. In most cases by the time the child is ready for college the matured policy will be worth more than enough to pay for college. Or at least at one time they would. Not sure about now.

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Kevin, great input and thanks for sharing.