SHOCKER! 28% of Canadians support “Assisted Dying” for the poor

Can you believe this?

I put together this chart for the Christian faithful.

Here’s the details:

Half of Canadians would agree to allow adults in Canada to seek medical assistance in dying due to an inability to receive medical treatment (51%) or a disability (50%). Fewer than three-in-ten would consent to expand the guidelines to include homelessness (28%) or poverty (27%) as reasons to seek medical assistance in dying.

Canadians are split when pondering if mental illness should be a justification for an adult to seek medical assistance in dying: 43% support this idea, while 45% are opposed. The federal government has delayed a final decision for eligibility related to mental illness until March 2024.

This may be a shocker to some.
While it is shocking that it could be forced on certain undesirables, I don’t agree with that. However, I think many people who no longer want to participate in the living should have the right to request medical assisted life termination should be allowed to. Granted that is hard for a healthy person who ‘has it goin on’ so they say. But not so much for people who have lost the will to live. People who live in horrible pain, physical and or mental, ‘and especially both.
this world we have created generates those misfortunes.
Someone suffers terminal cancer, after losing their soulmate
of 40 yrs. with no hope or anything to look forward too.
everyday is misery, pain, and loneliness. there are many things
worst than death. The world can be a terrible place for many under such circumstances. Let a person suffer for 10 months and milk their them for everything they ever had? so they suffer horribly and die in debt. I’ve seen it. I know people who
were diagnosed with terminal cancer and watched it take everything, their business, their home, their savings and for what? so your spouse who is still got ten yrs to go can get on food stamps and move in with her son whos wife can’t stand her. In this world nobody has time for you or wants to bothered with and old person cramping their style. Sounds horrible and it is but in reality that’ s how far away from God our society is. Even those who are dutiful and honor our parents to the grave do it with at least some begrudge.
The old person senses that adding to his or her sorrow.
they have no way out, too old to frail, and find themselves at the mercy of the world. Theses things are very real and each and everyone of us will face it. So we want to be very careful about the words we speak. If you remove the spiritual element then suicide is a no brainer. Hell I don’t need assistance, I know how to get the job done quick. BUT! are you handing over your faith? are you giving up?
have you lost trust in Christ. The sting of death is not a for cowards. One verse that comes to mind is 2 Timothy 4:7
Like every word in the bible there is more present than what you read on the surface. Are you worthy of being tried in the fire? are you pure enough, is your faith strong enough? If a person has no spiritual bounds then, by all means take the path of least resistance. the wrong way is always the easiest. But if the faith is strong and real, giving up is not an option. When my time of death comes, I’ll be praying, not for physical healing but for God to fortify my faith that I fear not and suffer the sting of death as I’m expected to. To prove my faith in the fire, that the slag fall away and that I be made whole forever. A constant we learn on our journey through the world is that anything that is easy to obtain is common and cheap. Aint worth much.

I was talking to someone recently about this topic. I am almost 50 and I have already set up and paid for my death directive. I had a friend die recently and his wife ended up with a $25,000 bill from the funeral home. They had not done any pre-arrangements and she only wanted the best for her dead husband. Emotions were in play and the funeral home up-sold her for sure. I did not want that for my wife, so I met with the pre-arrangement guy and he went over all the choices and costs. I was blown away at all the things you could have and the costs. The funeral guy said the cost for burial goes up about 10% every 3 years. Anyway, I got everything done for $3600. As I was talking with the person I ran into about this. He said that I should be able to have some order in place that states if I get dementia or other mental health problem, I would be able to have assisted suicide. As long as I have made the decision while I am healthy and in my right mind. I have pondered that thought for several days now. I am currently taking care of my mother in law who has stage 6 dementia.
She has been with us for 3 years. She is never going to get better, but the doctors love to put her on the latest and greatest meds. I have a couple of thoughts. 1st, most humans have this need to stay alive as long as possible, using medicine and transplants and pig valves and all sorts of other things. I do not really understand all that, I have all the parts God gave me, including my blood. I do not want to share any of my parts and I do not want any one else’s parts in my body. If I die because I need a kidney or even a blood transfusion, then so be it. I am not scared to die, I think it is just part of life. 2nd thought is this. I do not want to be a burden on anyone, especially if I am never going to get better. If I had a dog or horse and they are no longer able to live a quality life, then I would have them put down. Again, just part of the life cycle. So, I have come to the conclusion that I would sign up for the option of being put down if that time ever comes. I also realize that God creates life and it is his choice to take it. I think God was talking about a natural life without all the extra crap we do to tack on extra years, even if you can not remember those years or are in pain. Thanks for reading my thoughts, I expect some responses…

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This is a hard subject. It is very hard to watch someone waiting to die. Assisted suicide is a slippery slope especially when the powers to be get involved.

I lost one parent to dementia, which was heart breaking. Personally, I would never make that final discission. The elderly is a forgotten group when it comes to the government helping with the financial strain in puts on families.

I have seen friends go through chemo hoping to come through and didn’t. They wanted to try but after a while, they said it wasn’t worth it. The pain and suffering, plus knowing each month the % chance of surviving went down.

There is nothing specific in scripture that I know of about the subject. Some have done it, or had others do it for them, Saul was one, but we aren’t told what God thought of it. The examples that I know of, the men, were not in God’s favor to begin with.

I have been in pain where I asked myself how long I could endure it and if I would. Thankfully God brought me through it. I would be afraid of throwing away my eternal future or blessings to not let Him decide when He wanted to see me face to face.

I should add that if suicide is murder in His eyes, then we know what the answer is.

 I do not believe it is a good idea to allow a corporation to make more money through this method of madness. 
 Preying on heartache and compassion as usual. Opens up more opportunities for innocent people to be euthanized like an animal. Its our lives and our bodies. We do not need permission from fools if we do not want to live. 
 I understand that some people may not even have one person in their life to give them a hand in their suicide. 
 What if it's important for us to suffer in certain times and ways, because we are meant to be a lesson and a blessing to someone else in our final days and or last moment of breath, whether feeling like a burden to others or not? Or what if that person gets the assisted suicide and didn't get to accept the Lord yet, but if they went one more minute or hours or day, they were gonna just get that truth that could have maybe helped repent and heal relationships before passing on? 
 If we let corporations get involved there are too many of us that are depressed and it will be too easy for us to just give up and or to be guided towards giving up. Most of the under 25 year olds, can't handle life already, how they gonna be in 10 years? Most of the over 25 year olds are not doing that great either spiritually, mentally and physically, how they gonna be in 10 years? This is a bad idea for now and future. The black n white papers of the requirements will be blurred and abused by the greedy s***heads.
  If someone has someone willing to assist a suicide there are ways to try and protect the person that helps, in case they are accused of murder and or other charges along with murder.  Easier said then done.

I hope that when it’s my time to endure more health issues or I am dying fast or slow or to be their for a dying loved one, that I will rely on the Lord to let me know if and when or at all, if I should give/take/request a little more morphine in the iv or something like that.

So, to protect the vulnerable and or innocent, it be best to make those types of decisions without the permission of a corporation that will make too much money of this pre-set-up industry that clearly was already in the works for way longer than what we are to believe.

I do believe that Lord Will be fair in dealing with us, as individuals ,with what going on in our thoughts and actions at the times we may contemplate these options for ourselves and or others in our lives.

Chris, I think most people would agree with you. talk is cheap until it’s YOU doing the dying. I don’t think anyone read all of my comment, I wrote it like I did on purpose.
it does a 180degree turn towards the end. Anyway, 'lets not try to hurry it up.