Sharks are now doing Coke.

Stay out of the water.
I am sure it’s climate change related.

You know, I just jumped on here for a hot minute bc I haven’t had time to lately…and then I see this! I guess I was right…the insanity :crazy_face: hasn’t stopped. :joy:

Is Hunter Biden feeding the sharks, hoping some of his enemies will go swimming? :rofl:

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Super Jaws is coming to a beach near you. Wow!!!

I want to Thank you sisterfor kind words on my gamily members who have had such a difficult time with their lives. God bless you :pray: :heart:


Maybe the coke bear can go swimming.

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Well ya…don’t you know those coke bears HAVE to be swimming bc of all the polar ice caps are melting!

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When I watched “Cocaine Bear”, it made me think that is this is some of the inspiration used to make up some of the personality of “Boog”, the Bear in “Open Season”, a 2006 kids movie.
Made me think of some other characters used in the entertainment realm as well.

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