Sex Education in Schools

So I’m in a few local “past/present” county groups on FB. And today this post appears in my feed:

So this is the new “angle” they are using to promote sex education in schools. I wholeheartedly believe that sex education should have NEVER been taught in schools. And we all know how far they have been pushing the pencil on this curriculum for years.

This is what’s so typical in our society today. If you speak against this post, you will be accused of wanting child abuse to happen, ridiculed for being heartless to these poor children, etc. etc. The way I see it - this is how satan works. He attacks by going after your God given heart and soul, your feelings, your love and compassion.

Note: The guy who posted this in the group has a pride flag for his profile pic and he shares from a flamboyant twitter user.

It’s always about the children. The best way to ruin a nation is pervert the next generation.

After Joshua and that generation died, Israel went to Baal. Eli’s sons led Israel to idolatry and so on. What will this world look like when generation y and z are in charge?

From a flesh standpoint, Satan has all the time in the world. He has been working since the dawn of time. He only gets uptight when he is booted. Rev 12:12.

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Me and my youngest have been prepping for all the weirdo s**t since kindergarten. She is going to 6th grade in a middle school soon. I keep an honest dialog with her. She is the one that has to deal with this crap more directly so I am doing my best to make sure she knows how to stick with the Lord 24/7,and to be his soldier, think for herself with Lord’s Wisdom, and how to handle different scenarios when it comes to the teachers, students and other staff that are deep in la la land. She is a perfect daughter and I am very proud of her and how she carries/handles her self where ever she goes!


Good for you. You are the type of parent that they want to take your child away and raise their way. Hence the old nonsense of, it takes a village to raise a child. My parents didn’t need a village to tan my hide!


I truly feel if a child has a solid foundation of truth it helps a lot. And I totally agree with this meme:

I will be keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank You ! Means a lot!

Thank you! Definitely appreciate and need prayers for us! Thank you! Thank you Lord in Jesus Christ name amen !!!

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