Sermons can now be written by AI

Not a Christian one…

However, a rabbi recently used ChatGPT’s AI engine to write a sermon. He then asked his audience to figure out who wrote it. We’re reaching a very strange point in world history.

Will everything eventually be outsourced to machines? Our world is beginning to resemble a SciFi movie.

The human mind has no bounds. the human mind can detect and perceive even the slightest facial body language of another person in milliseconds, anger, distress, sadness, happy, troubled, guilt, disgust, hate, sincerity, insincerity, confusion, approval, disapproval, delusion, rage, and even insanity. and a zillion more. It can sense trouble before it happens and predict it identifies it’s physical surroundings through the eyes, hands and feet, 'talk about integrated circuits! Then there is the third element that is unexplainable. spirituality, emotion, that governs our acts and thoughts and makes each and everyone of us unique, who we are and there are no two exactly the same. Can mans technology duplicate that? I say no! Maybe a dumbed down pitiful simulation at best

I wonder will the AI sermons have the following:

“for your seed faith gift of $1,000.00 or more”

you know for ministry software updates etc etc

I know what those sermons will not say is " the false Christ comes first".

Come, come, touch my screen and receive healing!

I always thought this AI has something to do with the image of the beast.

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after your seed faith gift though :crazy_face: