Seek After Wisdom Like Treasure

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Hidden treasure! Oh, the thrill of the hunt. God reminds us to seek after His knowledge just as if we were seeking out a treasure of silver and gold.


A couple things: If you fear God, and don’t have Wisdom, then something is wrong in your belief. If you seek wisdom, that means you don’t already have it - something’s wrong again.
I don’t think people really want Wisdom because you’ll end up having to see the error in yourself, and that’s a no go. Wisdom is for the select few, and you have to be worthy of it.

I continue to seek wisdom - no flesh body will ever have all wisdom, but we need to seek it daily. The more we seek it, the more we get. :heart:


I think there is a study to wisdom equation. There are many intelligent people, called intellectuals, out there who are clueless when it comes to wisdom. The more you seek, the more you will find and be rewarded.


Wisdom is all we need.



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