Scotland’s Church Membership Drops In Half Since 2000

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The Church continues to find itself in a very difficult place. The following chart represents the Church of Scotland’s membership over time. As we can see, since 2000, their membership dropped from 600,000 members to just 283,000 members. This is a dramatic and concerning decline of our faith. Even in the United States, we have…

It would be interesting to know if a declining number of children born in a family would relate to the drop in membership over time. The large drop in baptisms might suggest a correlation too?
Also, one may be able to plead ignorance if never made aware of Jesus, but I wonder how far " the church didnt teach me right " will go? The rod of iron will come into play during the millenium.

I think it is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation for ministers, priest’s, preachers, reverends, etc. If you stand firm on scripture, you lose the wokies. if you don’t stand firm on scripture you loose the well sighted. Same as in our society, one group rejects everything they know to be wrong and the other group rejects everything they know to be right.

My wife and I were in Scotland last month for 12 days. Such a beautiful country with wonderful people. I don’t have an answer as to the drop in membership, but I can attest that the Scots are wonderful people who love their country and their families. Here are a few pics from our travels…


I’m not one for travel, but if I did, Scotland and Ireland would be my choice. Absolutely beautiful!! (BTW…I think “Simon Says” if you get a vacation than so do I!!!" :slight_smile:


I am sure Covid lockdowns made that number go down dramatically.

Always anted to go there. so much history and I think I would like the culture.

Hi Kevin, you will not be disappointed. There is an allure to it.

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