Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness, saying even insects may be sentient

I love science, but they miss the mark so many times.

I also love it when someone says, “Hey, X is scientific fact.”

Folks, there’s no such thing as “scientific fact.” There are only “scientific theories.” I mean, it was only a year or so back when science realized crabs could feel pain.

Now science believes animals have consciousness. Of course they do! Anyone who ever had a pet knows that. Anyone who’s ever been in the woods knows animals have feelings.

Now, Who built all that into each and everything on earth?


I hope they figure out which bugs are the smart ones because I only want to eat the dumb bugs — unless the smart ones are tastier.

The fish in my avatar was unharmed for the record. :innocent:

I thanked him for hitting my lure and released him. :blush:

I tell this to all the fish I catch. :sunglasses:

Yes, I talk to fish. :thinking:

They are actually much more intelligent than most folks I come in contact with. :roll_eyes:

I know my humor is on the warped side. :crazy_face:

Yup all science is a theory. Only way id call it a fact is if it lines up with the Bible.