Schools’ suit claims social media companies are fueling a youth mental health crisis

So everyone is finally realizing, social media has always been a disaster.

Social media is a major reason why our country is so screwed up. In the past, you only talked about politics with family and friends, maybe. Today, there are groups of all sorts to join and spread various thoughts of belief, stirring up hate in the process.

Oceanside and Coronado Unified are joining a growing number of school districts nationwide in suing the country’s largest social media companies, arguing that their content algorithms and platform designs are addicting children and teens and have caused worsening anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

My wife and I were just talking about this the other day. We both miss the ’80s. :innocent:


Amen to that. I’ve watched many videos where young people on college campus are asked simple questions for example: can you tell me the name of our current vice president? who was George Washington, Have you ever heard of Mark twain? The majority did not know and would giggle and squirm around like kindergartners. Even the simplest math questions they could not answer correctly. They are in college! Unbelievable.