Russia: the US is “directly at war with us”

The U.S. has now spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Ukraine and for what?

The Republican leadership said they would yank Ukraine funding from the spending bill, only to turn around and vow to keep it in. It’s a crazy situation, it won’t last forever, nations are already beginning to jump ship from Ukraine.

And now this from Russia’s FM Lavrov.

"You can call this whatever you want to call this, but they are directly at war with us. We can call this a hybrid war, but that doesn’t change the reality,” Lavrov said. “They are effectively engaged in hostilities with us, using the Ukrainians as fodder,” he added.

I have caught a lot of flack because of my position on this subject. Yes the U.S is no doubt trying to expand it’s presence in Russia’s back yard Via Ukraine. What the U.S is doing in Ukraine is the equivalent Of Russia chumming up to Mexico and establishing a military presence close to U.S. Borders.
Also I have to wonder how much of the the billions given to Ukraine is kicked back to democrat cronies private bank accounts.


I agree. When Russia tried to put missiles in Cuba in response to us doing it in their area what happened?
I get flack too. Some equal Putin to Hitler and say he needs to be stopped as if our slate is clean. If we knew the dirty secrets of the ops in the night, we probably wouldn’t sleep.


Wonder how much money the Republican leadership raised during their little “yank Ukraine funding from the spending bill” circus show act? Just another day in the life of politics.

I’ve heard putins speeches. If the translations are correct id rather have him vs any politician we have in America. He hates lgbtq. Our gov loves to divide and get votes off that while we get poorer and they get richer.

You sound like my husband! I read this to him and he add - "Add GMO’s to that!’

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