Ross Perot is trending on Twitter

Don’t ask me why, but it’s a flashback to when America had a chance to go in the right direction. Instead, the media told us, a vote for a third party is a vote for the Democrats. We’ve been listening to that rubbish ever since.

When a Republican wins, it’s basically Democrat light. I’m tired Democrat anything.

I remember him with the pie charts.
I remember him describing NAFTA and the giant sucking sound.
Well that sound was deafening I have to say.

Heck I’ll take the pack of feral cats down my street vs what we have in the District of Criminals today.

didn’t he pull out of the 1992 race, something about his daughter getting married? i sure didn’t vote for bill clinton that’s for sure what scandals they caused and it just keeps going on, scandal after scandal after scandal, and this last president that we have, well we all know he is not fit to even be in the white house, and i bet the foreign countries are just having a good laugh especially the ones coming here illegally.

I remember him too. The comics had a field day with him. This was the moment when the people exposed what they really wanted in the big house instead of a balanced budget.