Romans: Hearing

During the morning studies, I saw this verse in a different way.

Rom 10:17
So, then faith cometh by “hearing”, (giving audience to, study, plug in) and hearing “by” (the channel of an act) the word of God.

We need to give Him audience, the word is the channel that enables Him to bless us with true “hearing”. If we don’t, Romans 11:8 applies, stupor.

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Great observations!

I actually have a Devotion on this verse that talks about giving an audience, but not taking it to heart. Unfortunately, we all tend to lose sight of that at times. We always have to remember to follow Him and impress Him, no one else, while treating others, especially Christians with respect.

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Wow! That is a great find @sNOwflakes! It’s really “in your face” once you read it the way you presented it.

Something came to me a few months ago: We know that Jesus hears all and is with us, so when we are conversing with others, speak like Jesus is standing right next to you, because in actuality, He is!

I was actually in Genesis, started over again, where it talks of Abram’s faith. This led me to Romans. I am looking up every word in Strong’s and the Interlinear.
It is amazing how one 2 letter word can change the whole concept of the verse or bring forth deeper meanings.
There are probably a dozen things that I have learned doing this so far. It takes time, an hour can flow by on one verse with all the supporting verses, but it is worth it.

Great to hear and so true!

Keep on reading through, you will learn a lot of things, and it will bring it all together. You just cannot beat self-study.