Rodrigo, what’s this mean for Spain?

Mr. @Rodrigo_Javier, what does this mean for Spain?

Hi Bran brother, your eyes are pretty sharp.
We are left with this psychopath of prime minister, only power is worth to him. He is selling the nation to assassin’s (E. T. A.) now Bildu, in Basque Country, and independentists in Cataluña. He is allied with this scum of people. He is a liar and the father of it. He has lied infinite times through the years.
The real problem is this social communist plague is spreading throughout the whole world. Even there in the USA. We did what was needed. Cast our vote to the only one who can change something. But, Bran, it is written. The one world governance that will allow satan to deceive the whole world is built on this communism. Righteous ideas do not go well with transexual, bisexual, lesbian. This all go with communism.
I don’t read the news here. So I don’t know what this bunch of stiffnecked ones will do next. In the meanwhile we remain with this delicious prime minister.
Regards and thanks for your interest.


Thanks for the information. As they say, the world’s a stage.


“As the world turns” as they say it! I’m so thankful to God that we have eyes to see and ears to hear. We can sit back and watch all these changes. and I might add, high speed changes going on throughout the world.

Just as it’s written, we need to continue to spread God’s word and give our children a solid ROCK to stand on.

Thank @Rodrigo_Javier for giving us your insight over there!