Right Has Become Wrong, But Does Our Family Realize It?

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The state of our world is in utter disarray. What’s right and true, has become left and false. What’s good has become evil, and light has become darkness. Everything is backwards, everything has been flipped on its head. My friends, on a daily basis, Scriptures like Isaiah 5:20 fulfill themselves time and time again. Our…


I said years ago, the church is its own worst enemy. People see the hypocrisy within, and they don’t learn anything.
Families are afraid to stand up against the wrong within their own, reluctantly go along with things for fear of losing contact with them. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it needs to be done.
Letting things go, it isn’t long till you are so far down the rabbit hole. It is then much harder to stand firm.


Brandon, we’ve seen this happening slowly but surely. Wisdom being mocked and laughed at along with any and everything that is good and right and true. Exactly as Timothy 3: 1 thru7
and Romans 1 tells us. Seems like the majority will laugh, snicker and roll their eyes when someone quotes scripture openly, or worse tell the person angrily to ‘get the hell out of here with that crap’ while the other people in the crowd that claim to believe will smile and remain silent in fear of being ridiculed also. ’ Neither hot nor cold’ ring a bell? Not realizing the full weight of their offence. Too many of our children today have not been exposed to Christ. They act and believe in the way they have been taught. parents, schools, television , cell phones, social media. God? ‘yeah I think I’ve heard something about that’. So thankful to be raised in time when God was included in literally everything an under every roof.
A revival would require something horrible I’m afraid.


I agree. That is why everyone needs to start at home. Your behind closed doors, no pressure from the outside. If your own children don’t like it, someday maybe the knock on the door will be loud enough.
If parents who claim to be believers, say they know Christ, can’t stand up against their own family, they will never stand against the beastly system that is being formed as we speak.
You don’t celebrate Easter anyway because the kiddies might have a long face if you don’t.

To me, that is what Christ meant when He said I don’t know you. You knew of me, but you didn’t know me. He is the word; you can’t know Him without knowing the word. And if you know the word and do otherwise willingly, that is worse than not knowing Him at all.

Just my 2 cents.


This generation is “The Lost Generation!” Our Father has warned us about this! HE said "This generation would be lovers of themselves!!


You hit a homerun with this post @brandon! We, as a people, have fallen so far away from God.

It reminds me of the day I went to the grocery store and I was chatting with the checkout lady. I mentioned God and she looked at me and said she was so happy that I brought God into the conversation and she rarely ever hears anyone speaking of God at all these days. And it’s so true! THAT is where we can all make a change and keep God in our daily conversations - even in public.

As I prayed last night about all of this it came to the forefront of mind again - God’s people need to remove themselves of this world. Stay focused on what He wants us to do. I know some will disagree, but if we continue to play into their systems they have set up, it will continue to decline. And just as it’s written, the majority will not depart from the worldly things. But we can. What are some of these systems I’m thinking about? Schools, commercial medicine, commercial food, the movies, the networks producing trashy TV shows, government…all of it! I believe that the small group of Christians that can do this will hold the line for Christ! We need to learn how to be self sufficient AND teach our children and anyone else who will listen to do the same. Keep God in the equation at all times.

One last thought for those that are concerned about their adult children and loved ones that have strayed into worldly things. The Millennium, the time for teaching. This is the time for those that got lost in the world to learn. I don’t believe the souls that are on the “learning” side of things during the millennium will be tortured or have a miserable time learning. Why would God do that? Yes, we still try to bring as many as we can closer to God and to build that relationship and be saved, but those that don’t won’t be completely miserable during the Lord’s Day. At least that is what I believe.


I see each generation as sand in an hourglass. Many years ago, the sand at the top were God fearing and loving people. The few at the bottom, not so much.

As time goes by, the beastly system gets bigger, more and more people join the bottom sand and the closer we get to the end, the faster the sand moves toward the bottom. Including the church. Each generation has less and less sand at the top.

Someday almost all the sand will be at the bottom. But as any beach goer knows, just like their sandals, chairs and coolers, no matter how much pressure is put through the hose, there is always a remnant left to be an irritant the next year. We as God’s people are the irritant.

It almost feels like the job now is to get those who want God in their life away from the traditions, toward the total truth instead of converting those who are lovers of themselves.


Love that analogy! And I have to agree, though difficult, to try to reach those that are so far away from God. Maybe seeds that were planted in the past with them are still dormant and God will allow them to sprout when AC is here.


I have learned All we can do is plant seed and let Our Father do the Watering​:innocent::pray::raised_hands: