Republicans Slip Massive Foreign Worker Expansion into DHS Funding Bill

House Republicans have slipped a massive foreign worker expansion into their Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill, a blow to the GOP’s promise to protect the nation’s working class from powerful special interests.

What?!!! :flushed:

You mean the Republican party is not here to save America?

I’m shocked, I wonder if it has anything to do with this…

The GOP will make the excuse, we don’t have enough Americans who will work. That’s always been hogwash. Someone who says that has never been without food for a couple days. All you need to do is turn off the welfare spigot!

There are 40+ million Americans on welfare. You turn that off and bellies get hungry and they’ll do anything to correct that situation, including working!

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I totally agree that the welfare needs taken away from those who can work. Not the elderly or disabled. Then our work force would improve and the illegals wouldnt be doing the work that many lazy Americans dont need to now because of all the freebies handed out by our government to bring us to our knees. All part of the great Re-set. A book has even been written by a man called Covid19 The Great Reset. Check it out. Get ready brethren weve been warned by God himself and through the prophets this is coming. We are a Nation thats become fat, dumb, and lazy (Jeshurun). Sad, but true. Pray constantly. Watch and warn. Love to all