Report: COVID may have come from a U.S. lab

The Lancet reports COVID may have come from a US lab. In the beginning of the pandemic, I read about a Korean doctor who said just that. I may have reported on this.

He drew his conclusion based on the various COVID strains at the time. When he traced the “family” tree of COVID viruses from different nations back to the source. He was convinced, the “parent” virus, the original strain, came from the US.


AND…where are all of our U.S. labs, in foreign countries, ain’t that the truth!

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Don’t forget…the Lancet had to retract their study/report regarding Hydroxychloroquine. It was pure propaganda! They only report what they want and time the reporting to serve their own purpose. I’ve had it with all of these “top medical journals”.

Now, with that off my chest…I’m 99.9% convinced it was from a US lab. Now the question is, why are they reporting this now?


So true Kay, and that’s the question I’m always asking myself. Why are you telling us now?

I saw a clip of Rand Paul giving it to Fauci my ouchie again. Thought that was great. I think Rand has done a good job applying some heat. I still would like to see Fauci tar and feathered myself. I think someone in this thread may even help me with that! :smirk:


It seems those in these type of power positions never have to pay the fiddler. Its like accountability never happens to them.


How funny Brandon! i wonder who that would be? actually, when i did some checking, people who were tared and feathered live through it, actually we wouldn’t want that for fauci, something like judgement from GOD would be better. like a lightening strike, or a sink hole, maybe even a tornado, to send him to another world.