Remove Sin From Your Presence

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Through Christ, God opened the door of repentance. Unfortunately, we far too often fall into the trap of sin by not removing it from our presence.


Great read! The hardest thing for me to do is stop buying from Amazon. I don’t like them and they are killing small businesses. Although, you just cant find any small businesses anymore.


Thanks for the read and so true. Full removal of sin takes asking God for His strength, total obedience, dedication and continual work. I spent two entire days moving dirt around with a shovel to pull out monkey grass by its roots from my relatively small flower beds. Just when i thought i had eradicated it, a couple weeks later a bunch of monkey grass shoots popped right out. That’s when i thought to myself “this is as hard as getting rid of sin!”. I’ll keep pulling it by the roots! If it takes relocating my flowers temporarily :face_exhaling: or these roots will choke them. :sunflower::tulip::hibiscus: Never again am i planting anything until i’ve done my research to make sure it is not an invasive pain. Same with sin, gotta keep plucking it out from the deepest root until it’s gone and don’t give it an inch or it will take over the flower beds of our hearts. Ask me if i regret ever planting monkey grass…oh, i wish i’d never heard of the stinking plant!
Hugs to the Brethren!


What a great analogy! As for flower gardens, I’ll have to tell my flower garden story later! Good luck with that monkey grass.


Me and bacon have secret affairs lol I’ve cut down to once a week now but geesh it’s just so good :joy::joy::joy: