Remember, There Is Only One Savior

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These days, it seems more and more of us have forgone our faith in the Almighty. Instead, we lean and rely on men to protect and save us. We even rely on men to provide direction for our spiritual compass. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from someone, but when we gaze at them…


Great article and great reminders. I remember really coming to this realization a few years ago. And I sometimes think people get sick of me saying for them to put their whole trust in God. I repeat it often because I don’t think they really get it. That feeling you get inside, when your heart is so fuĺl, that you truly feel that trust in Him. Its such an amazing feeling and I want everyone to feel it. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen for many.


I think, for the lack of a better word, it takes practice. Many look to the Lord when they know man cannot help them. The little things are usually left for man. If we start with the little things, which sometimes we think we are a bother, but they are not, it becomes routine.

Looking back on things that seem to go astray, it is amazing how many times they get back on track if we ask for help. You don’t see the rutter of the ship turning you, but after the storm passes, you can see the adjustment. Sometimes things go against what we want only to find out the end result is better than expected staying out of our own way.


I think the believers still outnumber the Idiots. They are just not as loud or seen. If we just observe people when they think no one is paying attention they will always reveal who they are sooner than later. An employer is never impressed by an employee’s performance when he is present, But rather how he performs when the boss is absent, when he is on his own, as in ‘given some rein’. I think that’s how God operates. Grand facades, long well crafted prayers and worldly status mean nothing to God. I’ll agree that far too many are under the impression that it does. I asked a man I was working with a few days ago , 'what do you think of this outfit? He said, they are awesome , easy to work for and will help you anyway they can. they pay slow, but you’ll get what’s coming to ya, and thats the gospel. When you think about it 'that is the gospel.

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The problem I have been finding lately is the fruit you see is different when they are not in the church or behind closed doors. The are fair weathered.