Record cold, record snow, rolling power outages across US

Record cold!
Record snow!!
Rolling blackouts across US!!!

Is anyone else amused by these sorts of headlines?

Where’s the global warming?

We cannot even keep the grid up without rolling blackouts, yet we want everyone to have an electric car. :rofl: By the way, I wonder how well those cars even work in these temps.

well i have to tell you my story on record cold!!! our electric went out thursday nite. i just now got my electric on, it is 1:10 pm. i never ever want to go through that again, it was way below zero. everyone on my hill had power back by 9 pm. on thursday, not me. so i called the electric company friday, still no one showed up, so i went down to my neighbors and called this morning around 10 am. and they just left. i thought it was going to be a major ordeal, but those guys are smart, it was just a fuse? i did not know that they use fuses on the poles. but i am thank full for heat, they stopped by when leaving and told me if that ever happens again, to keep calling, sometimes people get lost in the shuffle because everyone else on the hill had electric. we did not get record snow, just wind and cold. with the ash trees now coming down, when there is wind, this will happen more and more. be prepared, gives new meaning to living out in the boonies, with no ash trees around.

What an awful experience! Do you mind if I ask where you are at? I’m in Wisconsin and yes…very little snow - probably 3-5 inches total, but major blowing. And thankfully we took down the couple of ash trees that were close to the house!

Did you have a fireplace to keep you warm? If not, I know they have these indoor propane heaters now. We have a fireplace with an insert that is like a wood stove. That has really helped to keep some of the burden off our furnace.

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no none of that, just a generator, and two small heaters. i rent and i will be moving in the next two months for sure. northeast PA. no we just got blowing snow but really really cold!

Northeast Pa.
So, your no stranger to Chicken Pot Pie, Shoe Fly Pie and road apples.

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no not at all, but don’t do much of it anymore! do you live in pa?

actually this was a good learning experience for me. next time i will be better prepared for record cold like this. the way the weather has been with all this up and down temperatures, well i am sure we will get more it, winter isn’t over yet.

I was raised in Lancaster County. Moved to Florida years ago. The happiest days of my life were when I sold my snow shovel and snow blower.

Yep, and I wonder what they do with these weather data points in their lie about g-warming? Just toss them out I suspect. I don’t read anywhere in the Word that man would need to control climate. I kind of relate this “ideology” as like jabs, where governing horn (which, yes, one of the 4horns in Zechariah) melds religion/econ/edu(information) tighter together for beast #1 to get more solid. Governing horn “save us”…pre-lining Satan’s path for his activity on earth as beast #2 and heading his “city” as he claims to be god.

Oh yes, and I really love the new ‘winter BOMB’ slogan that is coming into style now. I can remember how boring the news was 50 yrs ago. Mostly because they only reported facts as they developed without the drama and hype. ‘ratings’ had not come along yet. In the late sixties we were warned that with the current birth rate that by the year 1998 the world be standing elbow to elbow globally. after that it was predicted that we were facing another ice age, after that the ‘energy crisis’ loomed ‘The world is running out of fossil fuel’ We must act now! Gasoline was rationed, the speed limit of a mere 55mmph nationwide was mandated and lasted a grueling 20plus years. 6 of 10 Americans bought wood burning stoves, hoarded can goods, built smoke houses in their yards. Then came the dastardly ‘Ozone depletion’ even pre schoolers knew how to spell Ozone. When that played out they brought us ‘global warming’ when the glaciers actually began to grow and we had two bitter winters back to back they changed the name to ‘climate change’ that way, regardless of hot, cold, flood, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. it could all be linked to ‘climate change’. clever devils aren’t they? But never fear! with enough tax payer money human sacrifice and burdensome misery to the masses they can ‘fix’ it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$