Readers Respond To My Rapture Article

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Guess what I received a couple of Fridays ago? A couple of nastygrams in my inbox. Nastygrams are feisty, rude, and non-endearing emails. We don’t like nastygrams, but they arrive in my inbox from time to time. Mind you, nastygrams ALWAYS come from… Christians. Yes, Christians write up rotten emails, and then click, “Send.” Apparently,…


Excellent reminder! I have friends that believe in the rapture and would never get nasty with them.

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So they agree with you but they just don’t like your delivery of common sense that explains why they agree with you :joy::joy::joy::joy: whew the confusion!!

Maybe we could hold an auction the week before the secret day. They won’t need their stuff anymore and it will probably be a good blue light special.

Good point! Snowman. should be a lot of nice clothes and shoes laying around.

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Yea, I figure put some faith behind your nastygram.

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O’le satan! The father of lies, deception and confusion! Real eye’s realize real lies! We got it!:point_up::pray::+1::facepunch::grin:


Oh yes. Just know, that when one is a nasty, they have the weakness overall, and usually their weakness is immaturity overall and in the Word. Their pride and security blankets get ruffled. You and I disagree on at least one point, but neither has to become babyish.