Rainbow in Pennsylvania

Was in PA for the 4th and saw this rainbow. I never saw one where you could see the end on the ground. It was pretty cool to witness.

There was a little guy standing next to it wearing a funny hat but when I yelled he ran away.


That is a beautiful thing to see and to know the promise God made to us.


Beautiful and darn…wish you would have caught that little guy in the pic! Must be camera shy like big foot!

He yelled “Someone stole me Lucky Charms “ ??

Good job Snowflakes; that’s a very interesting, and beautiful picture.

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Yes Donna, the rainbow is a very beautiful thing. Isn’t it wickedly ironic that the sodomites tried to steal it and make it a symbol for their disgusting and sinful “pride”? They are PROUD when they should be cowering in shame! Have you ever noticed that the sodomites removed a color from the rainbow? Their rainbow has only 6 colors.

I never thought I would live to see the things happening in this world today especially with the sexualization and perversion of our children, allowing young children to “drag queen strip performances”, flaunting their vile perversions in front of young, innocent children sometimes as young as 3 yr old! And the parents gleefully participating! What is wrong with them???

The schools and society at large are encouraging our children, before adolescence, during a confusing and very emotional time of their lives, that they aren’t what God has clearly made them (male and female) and they are mutilating their genitals to change them into their “identity of choice”. Doctors who perform these mutilations (I refuse to call it “surgery”) should be severely punished and the parents who allow their children to be mutilated should suffer WORSE punishment! The whole world has gone NUTS!

I refuse to use their memes and abbreviations or even “homosexuality” “gay” or LGBTQRSTUV, I won’t do it. These terms soften the harshness of the reversal of nature that it is! It’s SODOMY and it’s an abomination to God. I’m not a popular person in today’s society. And I don’t want to be. I’m an outcast and I’m happy to be one. I love my Creator, Savior and Lord Jesus Christ with all my mind, soul, heart and strength.

Sorry for the rant. Where did it come from? You only commented on the beautiful rainbow in PA sky and it reminded me of the wickedness of this world. Please pardon me and have a blessed and wonderful day.

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You said it better than I could. You are absolutely right, and I agree I will not lower myself to the alphabet mafia. There are only two genders–period.

What they are doing to little children is sheer child abuse.

Not only that, I went and saw the movie, “Sound of Freedom.” I cried a little, but at the end, I was so angry that this is happening to children around the world, and it appears America has become the hub for these trafficked children. This is an abomination that this is even happening in America!!

I believe this is the Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0. I am sure God is not very happy with what is being done to his children, again.

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